Monday, September 19, 2011

What happens when? ….

You take a bunch of these beautiful red tomatoes


Slice them up and try and to be like Martha but instead take a wee one outside for oh, at least 4 hours? Well Martha would die ….


They are not suppose to be burnt to a crisp and smelling like the inside of Mike’s work boots. There are suppose to look like this…


Well now is the time I wish I hadn’t sold my dehydrator. I hadn’t use it in years and of course needed the money so sold it. WHY!!!!

Oh well I’ll try it again, maybe tomorrow when it’s raining and I’m not outside. UGH!!!

Last night I cut up green tomatoes for my breads and to freeze for later use. I loved seeing the shapes of the insides of the tomatoes. Some are so pretty. Notice the colander and teeth marks? Tuna (my beloved dog) ate is about 15 years ago but it still works.

100_7662 100_7663

Speaking of puppy. Want to see Scout? She’s 6 months old now and a real good girl. She’s easy to train and wants to please and loves us all so much.


Well it’s that time. I ate my lunch, fed Joss and now she’s napping. I’m heading outside to do this….


Stack this load of wood because in the next week or two we have to get 10 more cords before the snow flies.

I hope you’re having a great day. Take care my friends and enjoy the afternoon. Blessings!!

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TheBlogWriter8 said...

The tomatoes look like my-kind-of-cooking now! :D

And good Lord! Look at that pile. I'd rather run away. Brrr.