Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just so you know …. and….

Blogger will not let me comment again. I can sign in, I can type a comment but the minute I press go it’s gone so I’ll try it again. I did that four times on Allan’s blog, 3 on Mir’s and quite a few times on a bunch others but I can’t but do know that I’m reading and sooner or later I’ll be able to comment again. They fixed it the last time, they’ll fix it again. At least I’m able to read everyone blogs and e-mail some here and there. Just everyone know, just keep up the great work, no quitting and keep trying your hardest. Some days are easy, other days are so-so and then there are those days that are almost impossible but you’re strong, your able and you know that you want to be happy and healthy so just keep working at it and it’ll happen.

Now yesterday Mike was home and we went hiking in the woods and he loves taking pictures and would get some of me here and there and I wanted to share a couple with you he took. I’m still no beauty queen but it is nice to not feel quite as discussed with the pictures. Anyways, here’s a few.

100_7747 100_7752

100_7758 100_7765


Last night Jim and I went for a walk up the road. Here’s what we saw. The just kept eating and watching us until the house door shut behind them.

 100_7698 100_7699


I made a meatloaf today that is different. I didn’t have the usual stuff for a meat loaf or if I did it wasn’t a bunch so I mixed hamburger, turkey burger, onions, eggs, oatmeal (yep that’s normal so far) and then spinach, carrots, tomatoes and about 1/2 cup shredded cheese. It sure was colorful going in …


And browned up really nice. I’m hoping it’ll taste good.


Oh today Brenda and I played tennis for 1.5 hours and then went for a 2.25 mile fast walk, we burned about 800-900 calories doing that today. We worked hard, played hard and talked our way through it all. Not all balls get hit back but we aren’t the worlds worse players either. It is wonderful having a fitness partner. I know that come winter life is harder for her and she sorta curls into a cocoon but for now I will enjoy each and every workout we have together.


 0928110933a  0928110936b

Okay back to the potatoes and apples. Take care my friends and have a wonderful evening. Blessings to you all!!


Julie said...

P.S. It does taste excellent except it needs a bit salt but I never add that anyways, that's up to the person to season it. I just use seasoned pepper, garlic, onion salt and herbs. Just wanted to add this if the comments will let me.

The Ninja said...

That's kind of how I make meatloaf and its very filling an yummy.

Love the outdoor pics, so pretty!

Princess Dieter said...

I'm having issues, too. Blogger is starting to be mighty finicky this year!!!
I am so envious of your fun-sounding, high-movement day! I want the cooler weather here now!!!!! (gosh, I'm so sick of summer, and it still feels like summer here).


EmptyNester said...

Well, you look like a beauty queen to me! When I made meatloaf or turkey burgers, I always added carrots, zucchini, sometimes spinach, onions, etc. It was delish!

Caron said...

Love the pictures and the meatloaf sounds yummy. :)

Anonymous said...

Julie, I think you look great! You inspire me!

Michele said...

Isn't it great to do things you never imagined doing? Like tennis? Look at you two!!! That picture of you by the log is simply beautiful. You look so HAPPY!! Say hi to Brenda for me!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

That last tennis picture had me go "Ahh!" You girls play well.

Me thinks you look a 1000 times younger and cuter. Sincerely. Prettier, too.

Baby Sister said...

I think you look awesome in the pictures. :) So happy!!