Saturday, September 10, 2011

A tip or help please…

I ran today, for 30 minutes at a 4.5 to a 6.5 with just two short 20 second rest at 3.5 to get a drink of water and I went 2.53 miles. I want to run the full 5k in 30 minutes and I can’t seem to get past or just past 2.5 miles in 30 minutes. How am I going to make my time? I warm up for 5 minutes walking at 2.5 –3.5, I stretch before hand so I’m starting out with warm muscles. I cover up the time and mileage as I’m running because I’m not yet in the love of running, just the liking and sometimes it seems to be a very long minute or two. When I finished today I looked at the numbers and started to cry. I am disappointed in me, why I’m not sure because I am giving it my all but did I set up a speed or time that I can’t do? I have 3 weeks before the race, can anyone help me see what I’m doing wrong. I truly wish I had stayed with Brad’s 100 day challenge and I would know this all by know but I didn’t and I’m rushing myself a bit because I want to run this race faster and better then in June. I’m being to obsessed about it maybe. Help if you can.

Today’s the first day of the challenge. I ate well, I exercised well and I drank my water. I didn’t read my book yet but will as soon as it arrives (yes I just ordered it from 1/ so it’ll be a couple more days). A great day #1.

This week is daycare for 6 days, I’ll have apples to do, tomatoes to do and a trip to Brainerd for groceries. 2 scout meetings tomorrow night and I also have the first 2 cords of 12 cords of wood to start stacking. Mike is working away again for the next 5 days, 2 in Detroit lakes and 3 in Bemidji. I’m not yet use to him being away for so long and weekends seem so short but he’s loving it and earning some money so it’s all good. A busy week is on it’s way.

I wish you all well on your challenge's, life style changes and journeys. Have a blessed Sunday. A day of rest, a family day, a day to rejuvenate and prepare for a grand week. Take care my friends. God bless you all!!


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Have you tried running for a longer period of time at a slower speed? Maybe try a 3 - 4 mile run, but slower. My brother is a runner, I'll ask his opinion. He's planning to run 14 miles with a friend tomorrow! His friend is actually running 21 miles but he's letting her do the first 7 mile loop and then he'll join in for the last 14 miles. I can't even imagine. :-)

Angela said...

Personally I think you should try to just run it for fun. Don't worry about time. I ran a 5k today and I am pretty sure it wasn't in 30 mins or less. Nothing wrong with that.

There is no reason you HAVE to do it in 30 mins. The fact that you will do it and finish it will be enough.

Just go and run all 3.1 miles and be excited and proud that you did it!!!!!

Princess Dieter said...

I fully believe in the previous advice to RUN FOR FUN and forget about time. If you push a lot, too much, you may injure yourself and have to give it up. (I've seen this happen to more than one person who pushed, pushed, and ended up with injuries...)

Go at the pace your body allows without injury and do it so that you feel joy. I think if you focus on pleasure and play of it, the time will follow. Relax...enjoy...and don't angst.

Oh, and the linky post for the challenge is up, so you can add your link.

Going to bed (way too late, again).

Anonymous said...

I agree with the run for fun. The goal of your first few races should be to finish. Time seems to improve the more you enjoy running. Are you doing strength training to help the muscles you use to become stronger? Are you practicing the right breathing techniques for running? I find if I start my runs slower and finishing the run really hauling it my times are pretty dang good.
Good Luck!

debkhershberger said...

Im still working on running the whole thing!! Ive done several 5ks with our pastor and his wife. Hes been running and losing weight for about 18 months now, and he just now did his first under 30. He said his big help to finally jump the 30 hurdle was intervals of bursts. He would do a regular pace for 3 minutes and then fast for 1 minute, then regular for 3, and keep repeating. Eventualy he would go 2/2.
BUT, make sure you have fun!!!! and do it injury free!!

"KT" said...

Honestly I think what matters most is that you are "giving it all your all" like you wrote. You are doing your best and exercising hard and that matters a lot more than a specific time or numbers IMO.

With that said, I'm not sure if it's possible on a treadmill but something I've heard is that lengthening your strides can encourage you to go a little faster.

Either way, be proud! You're doing wonderful. :)

EmptyNester said...

Julie- I talked to Birdie (she's an athletic trainer) and am emailing you what she suggested! Hope it works!

Michele said...

It is disappointing when things do not go the way we hope. I would agree with the comments above: run for fun, first, right now. You will get better and faster and build more stamina. Be soooo careful that you do not injure yourself.

We had home grown green beans today, not from our garden, but they were terrific as I am sure yours are. Do you make applesauce?

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I am no expert on running but be gentle with yourself. It took me a while to build up to a 34 min. 5k. I think you are doing awesome.


Canadianmom said...

New follower to your blog. Sorry I am not a runner, so I can't help you with that.

I love that you are living to be healthy, that is more important than the weight. Remember the slower you take it off, you have much better chance of leaving it off. It's because your doing it the right way and not some fad diet. You should be very proud of yourself.

Take care and Blessing always!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Julie, hun, I know this ain't no solace, but I, for one, wouldn't be able to run if my life depended on it. My muscles become taut, they hurt so bad and start to quiver. I can walk fast, but run? Not. No, I haven't practiced like you, but I want you to know how awesome you are.