Sunday, July 26, 2015

Time……none extra in my days…..

I keep wanting to do a post but unless it’s near midnight I don’t have the time but tonight I am going to take the time because I miss you guys. I am going to “steal” an idea from Angela from Keeping the Faith and use her format for an update. 

Minutes – July 26th, 2015 12:00 am

  • my summer job and a great boss that knows I need time for my parents and is willing to work with me and really I work with them too since they have ailing parents too.
  • a understanding husband. He knows that just cuz I have a day off doesn’t mean I have a day off. He’s doing laundry most of the time, he lets me sleep in on days I can, he fixes dinner on Sunday nights, he laughs when I get that 10:00 call at night because either mama or daddy have misplaced something or they are worried about something.
  • a wonderful son that wants to still be with his mama.
  • parents that are trying their hardest to still be as independent as possible.
:: Prayerful
  • for patience cuz at times they get pretty thin and it’s not any ones fault that life hard.
  • friends that listen and care and offer help.
  • for my grandma that always makes sure I know I’m appreciated.
:: Excited
  • for school to start and a regular schedule again
  • for the extra hours at work to keep up on the bills of two households
:: Health
  • the loss of a few pounds and a DOT physical appointment
:: Fun
  • Camping. Only once so far this summer but another one planned and maybe even two.
:: Delicious
  • pork roast for the crockpot
  • fresh fish
  • cold salad
  • 5 12 hour days at work, not sure yet
:: This week
  • a 52 hour week between managing mini golf, driving special needs and the hospital courier plus a shopping trip and 5 hours of mowing lawn.
And pictures:

Blessings my dear friends!!!