Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New things....

So lets see if I can post a post from my tablet, my computer isn't liking me at all. First thank you for hanging in there with me. It means the world to me when you email me or post  comment even when I am not around.
Along with the issues at hand other things have come up but you know what? The Lord has plans and we have got to trust him. Mike lost his job, the big promise of a future at a huge company didn't pan out. So he moved home, lost all hope at lots of life skills and fell into a small depression. However the Lord listens and great things happen and his life has became the life he dreamed about. He wanted to be near home, be a diesel mechanic, and find a home. As of last night it all has happened. Praise the Lord!
Without Cindy life is different but we are working through it. With daddy we are learning cooping skills. Lawyers are people we never needed but are working with. Plus lots of other stuff but we are trying, learning, striving and most importantly leaning on the Lord and trusting him. Life isn't easy but manageable.
It's time to take care of me so I can keep taking care of them.
A work in progress is starting again.
Take care my friends. Blessings to you all!