Friday, August 31, 2012

A blessed day…

Yesterday was the final straw. I had gotten to the point I couldn’t handle a single thing more. My full time daycare is done. I had talk to my boss about driving bus and all routes were filled with regular drivers and other then subbing and activities 3-4 times a month there was nothing else available plus the boss man got mad at me for reminding him of a earlier conversation that put in in a spot that just didn’t work out. Mike was out of money and needed a few groceries (payday is Tuesday but that doesn’t help an empty stomach on an already to thin boy). I had a paycheck I was asked to hold for a week. One parent behind 2 weeks. A camping trip coming and nothing to pack for groceries (well I can be creative but need to start with the basics). As you can see just at the point I couldn’t handle one more thing. I prayed last night, I cried, I asked for help, I slept like crap. It just wasn’t my day.

Today being a new day I put my big girl panties on and figured I had to do something. I’ve been looking in our local papers but jobs are few and far between and the ones available need 2 years of some kind of schooling. I decided to stop in our next school district (I live between 2, the bus for each come down our road) and just ask or beg to see if they even need a part time bus driver. I was even going to say I can change oil, clean buses…just something. Anyways I stepped into a new family today. They weren’t really looking for new drivers but were just going to take my application then we started to talk and with what I know, how I drive (already took my bus test, drug test and paperwork galore), the way it all worked out I now have another bus driving job and the best part I will be able to work with both districts and both bosses will help me get enough hours to survive and also keep them in a driver that is steady and willing to work and do anything. It was an awesome day. I have more homework to do than a high schooler but starting September 11th I work for ISD*** and next Thursday, Friday and Monday I work for ISD*. There will be a full time run to Brainerd twice a day, there will be activities 2-3 times a week and I can even still do after school daycare a couple times a week and school vacations, I can have my kids here to enjoy. I am having a heard time believing this has happened today, sorta like waiting for a shoe to drop but it also feels awesome and right. Nothing is written in stone yet, there’s always something relying on something but I really think it’ll be okay.

My mama sent me the coolest e-card and I’m going to share what she typed in this card….I want to keep it forever and what better way to do that but share it with you and have it here to read when ever I need too. So take a peek….

You know what? Dad and I are so proud of you and how you can handle so many situation you find yourself in - congratulation to a "go getter"! The Lord is in your corner and always will be, no answering machines, no waiting 7-10 for shipment and best of all He loves you very much as we do also. Enjoy your weekend, you deserve it.

Now we are packed and ready to head out of here tomorrow when Jim gets home from work. We are going camping. It has been two years since we’ve gone camping and in our 32 years of marriage we have never gone camping alone. It will just be the two of us and the dogs and I am so excited to just get away and soak in Minnesota beauty. I brought some magazines, a couple of books, my fishing box, itouch and nike+ (for lots of hiking and walking and keeping track) and I stuck to the menu plan as much as possible with a few extras for Jim.

I am now about as tired as I ever could be. Mostly just stressful tired but I also have 137240 steps in and some strength exercises too. I’ll start my homework when we get home. This weekend I need to rest and regroup and rejuvenate this body of mine and thank the Lord for everything.

I won’t be back until late Monday so will do my SSSCS update then. I am also doing well with my other challenge and sorta excited to stand on the scale tomorrow.

Take care my friends. Do have a safe and most blessed weekend.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

It’s Wilbur’s birthday….

Happy birthday my dear friend. You are an awesome dog with the softest ears in the whole wide world. You tolerate Scout picking on you all the time. You protect the kids from harm. You are always there for me to cry on, be happy with and to love. I love you so much Wilbur. You are not just a dog, you are my friend. I love you!!


100_0235 100_0236

100_0241 100_0233



100_4092 100_6451

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday…pt2…


Playing and building in the woods today.



Wordless Wednesday…

From the garden tonight….



Hungry, hungry hippo….


I’m wondering if the marbles would taste yummy. Portion control, that is what this challenge is all about. The foods are awesome, I am very happy with menu’s and choices to choose from but the portions are itty bitty. Really they aren’t, they are normal sized people portions but I’ve been weighing and measuring everything and wow, was I was off. No wonder I gained and didn’t lose this summer. Even healthy food is bad when not portioned out. Learning, that’s what I’m doing all over again, learning. At least it’s not to late to be learning.

Waffles last longer then cold cereal. Cold cereal tastes better because of the milk. I’m going back to waffles, I’m ready to eat and arm and a leg by 10:00 if I eat cereal. Tomorrow waffles.

Stepped on the scale to just see if this is taking the right course, yeppers….it’s working. Been up at the butt crack of dawn (in fact it’s dark when I start my walk) and have walked 4 miles each am while talking to Mike on the phone (really panting at times because that hill, those hills are still hard work). He started his new phase and has to be to school at 6am and he’s an hour ahead of us so I get up and out and then call him to wake him up and then he calls me back on his way to school.

Just checking in. Still haven’t heard about the future in jobs. Daycare has been busy, 6 kids this week except Friday when I don’t think I have anyone. Going camping this weekend, YEAH!!! The first time since last year, I’m ready.

Take care everyone. Blessings!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

SSSDS update and lots more….

I don’t know if you guys like long post or bunch of short ones but tonight just to get caught up I’m going to do a long one. You can read what makes you happy and just skip the rest, it’s up to you. So first because it’s due…

So this week we were suppose to do better then we did before. Well I didn’t do that all, I know I said I’d walk/jog 20 miles and lose 2 lbs. I surpassed the miles, 32 miles this week. Between hiking, Valleyfair, the airport and my last two days of jogging I made this goal. I however did not make the 2 lbs loss goal. However starting tomorrow I have joined another challenge (which I am not going to share or post about, it’s just going to be me getting back to where I was when I couldn’t run anymore, where I was when Mike told me he was leaving and where I was before all the hardships happened this year) and I will get back to 175 and than see where life goes from there.

Week 13 - (begin August 26) - LOW CARB WEEK & NO EATING OUT
Skip the bread, pasta, cereal and rice this week. Stick to fruits and veggies and lean protein. While we're at it, let's ditch the restaurants, too. Make it a double challenge and hope that it pays off big next week!

Dinner out isn’t on the challenge I’m now starting so that will be a good thing. There is a little bread and rice allowed so I’m going to stick with the menu that’s available but everything is in small portions with lots of fruits and veggies and lean protein so I think that will all work out for the best. I am so hoping to get back into the swing of eating right. I have always said meal planning is hard from me.

So good luck this last week to everyone that has joined in on Rochelle’s Summer Sizzle Slimdown Challenge. It has been awesome getting to know you all and learning something from each and everyone one of you.


You all know Mike came home for last week and I was in heaven. We had a great visit, a great bunch of days to visit family and friends and lots of time to just enjoy the three of us together.


Wilbur waiting for me to come home to stay.


This was taken by our game camera in the garden. Can you guess what it is?

  100_0184 100_0185

100_0195 100_0198

 100_0200 100_0205

Valleyfair. I took one of my daycare families and Scott and Mike to Valleyfair. Really when I say I took, I drove their suburban and we went our own ways for a bit, met up and played together, went our own ways and met up again 9 hours later. It was the perfect day to go. The sun was shinning, there was a tiny breeze and we had a blast. I am so glad we went.


On our way home we stopped to “visit” great grandpa. We had a picnic dinner and explored the cemetery. The oldest headstone was 1755, Edgar Parker. It was really hard to read and we’re not positive that what it said but tracing the letters and number it looks like that. Grandpa would of loved the kids playing and visiting with him. I still cry thinking about and missing him.

 100_0215 100_0216

We have a few spots where are trees are starting to turn. I am not ready, at all, for fall or winter. I really prefer summer time.

100_0219 100_0222

Mike and I went hiking and stopped for a picnic at Portsmouth mine campground.


We stopped and played in the water on Wednesday before we headed to the Hasskamps for dinner and a wonderful visit.


Mike took our 1 ton out for a ride and was all smiles. He’d really like to own this truck or one like it one day soon.


We went to Music in the Park on Thursday. It’s the last one of the year, I’m going to miss taking daddy to this each week.


We went Geo-caching on Friday. We found 3 out of 3. This one was the coolest. It was in an old cow culvert with a little stream running through it. We took our shoes off and padded through the water and found it. It was really the coolest we’ve ever found.

2012-08-24_18-49-19_516 0824121750a

Friday night we had game night and dinner at mama and daddy’s. We played croquet and as you see the goose that is in love with me followed me everywhere.


And Saturday I sent Mike back to school. We have never been in an airport, never flown, never any of this so for the first time Mike flew in a not to big but not to small airplane from Minneapolis to Denver. He said it was like a rollercoaster ride. Not a fun ride but much faster then driving or riding a bus.

This wasn’t any easier sending him away this time then the first time. Also this one is for 4 months, not just 2, a visit from me, and 2 more. I won’t get to have and hold and see him until December 21st. That is forever!!! I have not come terms with it yet but know it’s a must and I know he’s doing great and something he wants to be doing however he’d love to be home too but school is where he needs to be. I love that boy so much and am so proud of him.

So there, you guys are caught up. If you made it to the end, congratulations, I know this was a bit long. But you know me and wanting to share. One more week of our SSSDS challenge, a new challenge beginning and so much uncertainty in the job part but I will do this, I will make it, I have too.

Take care my friends. Blessings!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

SSSDS update…

I exercise. I eat to much. I don’t lose weight. I tone up but not enough to fit comfortable in my 14’s. This challenge I am still failing. I am sorry Rochelle. I have figured out I can not concentrate on life and weight loss at the same time. I have to get into September before I can put my all back into losing weight. Thank goodness the SSSDS challenge isn’t all about losing weight. It’s about getting healthier a week at a time. This past week was to show our weight loss in pictures. Well mine wasn’t a loss and I’m not proud of it. I am feeling good getting in my exercises but do need to work on more strength exercises. This summer isn’t a total loss in the healthy living, but not tip top either.

Our next goal is to surpass our goals we have set so far. Well since I haven’t lost a pound, how about I work on losing at least 2 and with my new goal of walking/running 1000 miles this year I have to move my butt 18 miles or more a week. So this week since I have a 2 in my goal, I will shoot for 20 miles. And with having Mike home all of that will be a challenge in itself but I will give it my all and try. I am not a quitter so will see this challenge through to the end and then my friends, I am going to take a break. A break to see just where I am sitting in life. A new job? More or less kids? No kids? I just don’t know. And to just not know is very hard emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I have to say that 2012 hasn’t been the easiest year ever, it has been a challenge but I am moving forward, I am learning and one day I can get back to taking care of just me but for now I will just do the best I can and keep moving forward.

Take care and good luck this week. Blessings!!!

Mike’s home….


So at 10:00 Friday night, Jim and I drove down to Salk Centre to pick up Mike. Now we were suppose to wait until Mike was 2 hours from our pick up point but Jim just couldn’t wait any longer so we headed out. Jim was asleep before I got to Deerwood (we live 7 miles from there) and slept until 2:00am when I woke him up to get gas and go potty. It took me 2 hours to get there so for 2+ hours I sat and looked out the window waiting and waiting and texting Mike seeing how close they were. Mike was riding home with a friend and then will fly back home next Saturday. He finally came in at 2:30 and I was so happy to see him and Jim, well Jim hadn’t seen him since he left and well we’ll just say Jim is very happy Mike is home. Both guys talked about 1/2 the way home and then it was very, very quiet again. It was a super long day but I have Mike home, I’m so happy.


Saturday am I had a craft show (on 2 hours of sleep for me) but I just couldn’t wake up sleeping beauty so I left him. Our craft show was great, the weather was awesome and we made enough money that we could go out for breakfast this morning.

0818121119a 0818121000a 

So today we went to Nisswa for breakfast. Did some grocery shopping and also looked at some furniture (not to buy, just to relax in while Jim looked at tools).

0819121126a 0819121247a

Now tomorrow I work for the bus garage and Mike is going to do daycare for me. There’s just Anton and he’s my mini Mike and they get along so well. They are going to come in and have lunch with me and then Mike has some banking, insurance and visiting to do. Tuesday, we are going to Valley Fair. A day of being together, riding amusement rides, walking until our legs fall off and being together.

This time is going to go by just too fast but it’s life and Mike is doing so great in school and enjoying it to boot so for that I’m also excited for him. His grade point average is anywhere’s from 87-93% so he’d doing wonderfully and he’s been contacted by a Minnesota big equipment company that is interested in him. He has a big and bright future.

So there you have his first full day home. You know I’ll have lots more to share.

Take care and have a blessed evening!

End of Summer Party….

So Thursday was our last End of Summer Party. I had 12 kids and 4 adults. We did three different things plus lots of playing and just being together. We finished off the party with a wonderful picnic.

Our 1st station was crayon making. Laura worked with the kids making them. They really turned out awesome and each kid got to bring home a heart shaped and round colorful crayon. I didn’t get any after pictures of the crayons done, they went home so fast.

100_2348 100_2349


Our next station was our melted crayon art. WOW!!! They turned out amazing. I only got one picture of them done but a few in the process. Kim worked with the kids on this one.



Our next station was tie dying. And they kids got to work with me on these.



My daddy came to help too. He entertained between each phase and I think he had as much fun as they all did.


100_0179 100_0180

Here are the kids and two of my helpers. I think in all the years we’ve had our parties that this one was the very best. I wanted it to be the best one since it’s our last one and with help from friends and family this was it. Thank you to Laura, Kim, daddy and mama (she took all these pictures for me) and to each of my families that sent treats, I really truly appreciated it all.


This party was perfect for all the ages I have. I didn’t hear a single time it was boring, or I don’t want to do that. The kids are such an awesome bunch of kids. I still can’t imagine not doing this any more. I’m still holding on hope that this part of my life isn’t over but you just never know.

Just wanted to share this with you all. I’ve got more coming and an update but not right now. Mike’s home and it’s supper time and it’s just so darn wonderful having him here. I can’t seem to stop touching him, looking at him and just enjoying hearing him chatter.

Blessings my friend!