Sunday, August 19, 2012

End of Summer Party….

So Thursday was our last End of Summer Party. I had 12 kids and 4 adults. We did three different things plus lots of playing and just being together. We finished off the party with a wonderful picnic.

Our 1st station was crayon making. Laura worked with the kids making them. They really turned out awesome and each kid got to bring home a heart shaped and round colorful crayon. I didn’t get any after pictures of the crayons done, they went home so fast.

100_2348 100_2349


Our next station was our melted crayon art. WOW!!! They turned out amazing. I only got one picture of them done but a few in the process. Kim worked with the kids on this one.



Our next station was tie dying. And they kids got to work with me on these.



My daddy came to help too. He entertained between each phase and I think he had as much fun as they all did.


100_0179 100_0180

Here are the kids and two of my helpers. I think in all the years we’ve had our parties that this one was the very best. I wanted it to be the best one since it’s our last one and with help from friends and family this was it. Thank you to Laura, Kim, daddy and mama (she took all these pictures for me) and to each of my families that sent treats, I really truly appreciated it all.


This party was perfect for all the ages I have. I didn’t hear a single time it was boring, or I don’t want to do that. The kids are such an awesome bunch of kids. I still can’t imagine not doing this any more. I’m still holding on hope that this part of my life isn’t over but you just never know.

Just wanted to share this with you all. I’ve got more coming and an update but not right now. Mike’s home and it’s supper time and it’s just so darn wonderful having him here. I can’t seem to stop touching him, looking at him and just enjoying hearing him chatter.

Blessings my friend!


Betty WSch. said...
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Betty WSch. said...

You are such a good home care provider! I would think those kids will miss you tremendously!
Your party looks like so much fun!!

Baby Sister said...

Looks like a blast. :)

Kim said...

You had a great party and i was glad to help. You have a good time with Mike this week and call me when you can!! Ttu later:)

upinthecosmos said...

So awesome and creative.... I want to melt some crayons now:-)