Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hungry, hungry hippo….


I’m wondering if the marbles would taste yummy. Portion control, that is what this challenge is all about. The foods are awesome, I am very happy with menu’s and choices to choose from but the portions are itty bitty. Really they aren’t, they are normal sized people portions but I’ve been weighing and measuring everything and wow, was I was off. No wonder I gained and didn’t lose this summer. Even healthy food is bad when not portioned out. Learning, that’s what I’m doing all over again, learning. At least it’s not to late to be learning.

Waffles last longer then cold cereal. Cold cereal tastes better because of the milk. I’m going back to waffles, I’m ready to eat and arm and a leg by 10:00 if I eat cereal. Tomorrow waffles.

Stepped on the scale to just see if this is taking the right course, yeppers….it’s working. Been up at the butt crack of dawn (in fact it’s dark when I start my walk) and have walked 4 miles each am while talking to Mike on the phone (really panting at times because that hill, those hills are still hard work). He started his new phase and has to be to school at 6am and he’s an hour ahead of us so I get up and out and then call him to wake him up and then he calls me back on his way to school.

Just checking in. Still haven’t heard about the future in jobs. Daycare has been busy, 6 kids this week except Friday when I don’t think I have anyone. Going camping this weekend, YEAH!!! The first time since last year, I’m ready.

Take care everyone. Blessings!!


deanna said...

love the hippos :)

Caron said...

Hang in there. You'll adjust to the smaller portions. I put my food on a smaller plate and my brain says "Yea, more food." I know it sounds silly but it really does work. :)

upinthecosmos said...

That's a great comic pic there, love the hungry hippos:-) Portion control, it is very important... getting back to basics sounds like its doing ya some good:-)

Baby Sister said...

I love that picture. :) Just take it one day at a time. That's what I have to do.

Pam Lofton said...

We're having some ups and downs with $$ here- hoping all will work out. I can't believe you're getting up that early and FUNCTIONING. I might could get up but there's no way anyone would want to talk to me...unless they didn't value their life. LOL

Betty WSch. said...

I admire your will power! You will show us all how it's done.
And I want to go camping too!!! Wahhh!
Have fun!

Shannon said...

That's some true dedication getting up at the crack of dawn (I like your comparison!!). I am NOT a morning person so don't foresee that in my future. :)

I'm getting the chance to run with my cross country team twice each week since I'm the coach so that helps me a lot!


gracies tough journey said...

Love the picture. It is so funny, it made me snort out loud, but so worth it.... I might have to steal it ;). God Bless hun.