Sunday, August 12, 2012

This week is our party…

So today I worked on getting a few things ready. I want to do a crayon art with the kids. I can’t afford to do it with a canvas and all the unique tools that is needed but I can do it cheaper and it can come out pretty darn good. Want to see?

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I started out with record covers. I just cut them apart and made two out of each (I’m making record bowls tomorrow for my craft show this coming weekend, a perfect craft to use all the parts). I loved that I found this printing on one of the covers. I picked out colors I wanted to use. I hot glued them to the top of the cardboard and then used a torch set on just lit and melted the crayons. I was afraid the hot glue would let go while melting the crayons, nope it takes such little heat to melt the crayons that it doesn’t effect the glue at all.



It’s not perfect, I think I’d put the witch lower and also put something over the top of her so she wouldn’t of gotten covered with crayon but this is my first one ever. Kim gave me these cut outs last fall and I just never used them until today. I found a couple other ideas tonight on pinterest like these….

Pinned Image

And there’s even more if you go and check them out. I can’t wait to see what the kids come up with.

I am going to have Kim work with the kids (we are going to have 12 kids for the party so we are having 3 different stations in groups of 4 so much easier to help each one and enjoy the time too) in Mike’s wood shop. But before we could do that I had to do some cleaning….


I don’t have an after picture but there’s nothing on the counter, the floor is clear and I put up a shorter work station for the kids so Kim can have this whole counter for the hot part of the craft.

I’ll share lots of pictures during and after our party. For me this party is a bit more important than most, it’s my last daycare one (or I’m almost positive it is) so I want it extra exciting and fun just in case.

So it’s onward and upwards to a great last week of full time daycare. Tomorrow I have 6 kids. We’ll see what we can come up with and enjoy each other just a little bit longer.

Take care my friends. I hope you enjoy your job as much as I love mine. It’s a sad thing when things come to an end but everything does and it’s just the time to move forward and see what life has planned next.



upinthecosmos said...

Looks like some good, creatively, colored fun is going to be had:-)

Kyra said...

Looks like fun with the crayons! :)

Debsdailylife said...

IVe seen those pictures. Such a neat idea!!! Pinterest is amazing!! I just cant seem to find the time.
AND I GOT MY PACKAGE!! I LOVE IT!!! It is so me!!! Ill do a post this week. Thankyou so very much!!!

deanna said...

I really want to do this with the boys :)

E. Jane said...

Good ideas for grandchildren projects.

What a blessing for the kids that you have been a daycare mom for so long! This is one of the most important jobs that I can think of. Bless you for all the care and love you have given them.

Baby Sister said...

I think it turned out cute. :) I hope you had fun at your party!!

Sarah G said...

That's so neat! I'm looking tor projects like this to keep me busy once all my kids are back to school. 13 sleeps until day time peace & quiet. ;)

Rochelle said...

What cool ideas you have! I think the kids will enjoy all that you have in store for them. They are lucky to have such a dedicated and nurturing caregiver. I am sure they will miss you too!