Sunday, August 5, 2012

I’m still here…And SSSD update…

Got mama’s sewing craft room just about done. Got a relaxing chair in there now and I picked up the last shelving unit I think they’ll need. Got a new clothes rack and shelf up for all the winter gear and seasonal clothes and I think just a couple more hours and they will be set, dry and reorganized and ready to reuse their basement.
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Had to share this. My sunflowers are doing awesome so I pick one every few days and put it in ice water and my lighted vase.
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Picked a 5 gallon pail of plums. Today made 12 pints and 12 1/2 pints of plum jam. Tried something different, I let some of the peel get into the fruit. Used the blender to puree it up and it turned out awesome.
100_0070 100_0077
Took the kids for a hike up the road from us. There’s an old 1850’s school house remains. They got a lesson in history and got to explore the area. Our old time neighbor, Mr. Ringhand went to the school. He passed away many years ago but his wife Rose is still alive at 102.
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This is what happens when you take kids for a walk, keep them busy, fed them well and have late daycare. Nap time for young man and puppy.
I got this cookbook for Mike but I’m first looking at it and seeing what’s possible with those wiggly noodles. WOW, you know there’s quite a few good recipes in there that can be made a bit more healthy. I’ll share if I try something new.
As for my update on SSSD challenge….
 My Current Challenges
This week we were suppose to forgo sugar of any kind and also not snack after dinner.
Well I flunked! I get a big fat !!!!
Well I aced the no eating after supper because it’s summer time and by time we get in for dinner it’s usually 8:00 or later and I’m pasted hungry and just skip eating. Which I know isn’t good for you but I refuse to eat after 6:00 at night cuz I just don’t want more fat to deal with. But the sugar, wow….if someone says you can’t have it why is it you want it more? I didn’t cave in big time but I did have at least a couple of cookies, a couple pieces of hard candy and a light fudge bar. So not a good result for the challenge however, while craving the sugar I would wait and try different things before caving. Like the hard candy, I was working downstairs at mama’s and was so tired and thirsty daddy gave me a peppermint candy, twice. I made homemade cookies 2 times this week and each time I put in oatmeal so I wouldn’t eat the dough and I wouldn’t want the cookies. Well it sorta helped but not perfectly. The light fudge bar… well I stopped over at our neighbors home to visit with them because they’d just lost their father and they were having snack and offered me a treat and I didn’t say no. So an “F” is what I deserve for not doing what I was suppose to, a “C” for trying to do what I was suppose too.
This week is to set up a goal for fitness and weight loss. Well the scale part I’m not doing until September 1st so I’ll let that part rest. But this coming weekend I’m doing a 5K and though it’s still a walking one I’m going to try and bring my time down to 45-50minutes. I am walking with a great friend that I’ve never done this with before but she walks fast and strong and I think we’ll do awesome. So my goal this week is to see just how fast I can walk a 5K. I’ve been walking with the kids and 3 of the 5 kids love to run, 1 is in a stroller and the other, well she’s always bringing up the rear however, we are out there walking and jogging and having fun. I want to run, I can’t….it’s just not possible with these legs of mine. I don’t understand what’s going on but I am going to the chiropractor this week and maybe it can be something as simple as I’m out of whack or maybe he can give me and idea or two to work past all of this. I figure my regular doctor couldn’t tell me what’s up so maybe Dr. Kuiken can. However, I have come to terms with fast walking and some sprinting so if that is what I can do, well it’s what I will do. I’m not sitting on the couch growing fatter so okay, it’s good.
So that’s that my friends. 4 more weeks of daycare and then a bunch of questions on what’s next. Some ideas, some thoughts but nothing set in stone or even on paper. A goal of weighing less then Jim, fitting comfortable in my 14’s and being stronger and healthier and toner then I started this challenge, this summer out.
I wish you all the best this week. I hope you are finding your sweet spot in your health. Feeling stronger, looking fitter and being healthier then you were. Learning something each and every day and enjoying life. That is what it’s all about
Blessings to you all!!


Fit Mommy said...

Those plums look yummy and healthy.

Mike Riley said...

That doesn't look anything like Grandma's sewing room. The tree around the School House are all grown up, never saw it so green. Only 12 more day's til I'm home.

Mike Riley said...

That doesn't look anything like Grandma's sewing room. The tree around the School House are all grown up, never saw it so green. Only 12 more day's til I'm home.

Forever Young said...

When I am kept busy and fed I like to nap, too. *GRIN*

I've never had plum jam, but would definitely like to try it.

Best wishes for a good time on your 5k!

Kyra said...

Looooove the flower in the vase!!!

Angela Pea said...

Red Plum jam is my absolute favorite, Julie. I haven't made it in years, though, not since we lost our plum tree to the drought. The sewing room is fabulous! The lavender walls are perfectly pretty.

Have a wonderful week, full of grace and blessings!

upinthecosmos said...

Love plums, you've got a great looking harvest of them & that jam sounds delish! The parents house is looking awesome, so much hard work paying off! Great job all around & those miles... they just keep on keeping on! You are an inspiration:-)

Betty WSch. said...

Your plum jam looks so good! You are such a good homemaker and a hard worker!
I'm so happy for you, that MIke is coming home!

Michele said...

That room for your mama really is beautiful. I am so impressed that you were able to do all of that. What a great room for her for sewing.

I am also impressed with your jam making. I used to get plums from my dad when we lived in Calif. I made both plum jelly and jam. I love that jelly! Yours looks terrific and so clear!

I hope you get some answers about your legs. Take good care, Julie. You are worth all of your efforts!

Rochelle said...

I think with all the work you have been doing, a cookie here and there and some hard candy is just fine! Don't beat yourself up - I don't think you failed at all! You have been doing such wonderful things for your parents. Your mama's room looks so inviting!
I'm also impressed with your jam making skills. That looks delicious. We have a plum tree that gave us edible fruit for the very first time this year. Maybe next year I can make some jam too! Thanks for the inspiration!

Baby Sister said...

That jam looks amazing!!