Thursday, August 30, 2012

It’s Wilbur’s birthday….

Happy birthday my dear friend. You are an awesome dog with the softest ears in the whole wide world. You tolerate Scout picking on you all the time. You protect the kids from harm. You are always there for me to cry on, be happy with and to love. I love you so much Wilbur. You are not just a dog, you are my friend. I love you!!


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Jo said...

Happy Birthda Wilbur! Beautiful dog.

Baby Sister said...

Happy Birthday Wilbur!!

Rochelle said...

This post really touched my heart. I have three dogs and love them so much too. They are like family!
I hope Wilbur had a great birthday. He is lucky to have you be his human!

Caron said...

How sweet he looks. Happy Birthday, Wilbur. I love the picture of the two dogs riding and watching the road. Great!

PlumPetals said...

He's adorable!! Happy birthday :)

gracies tough journey said...

Aww have a blessed birthday Wilbur.