Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good morning….

It’s a new day, it feels wonderful, amazing and hopeful. It has been the top of the world having Mike home for Christmas. Our Christmas was so relaxed and calm and not over the top. We each got stuff we needed terrible and something we didn’t expect. Scott has been staying here with Mike and that makes the house even better. Daycare has been here and one more day of that. Our daycare Christmas party was great and the kids had a blast with each other and their gifts. Tonight I’m taking my mama, daddy, Scott, Mike to Brainerd to the Sonoma Winter Wonderland and then we have to go stand in line at Kohl’s and exchange a sweatshirt I got for Mike that is just plain to small. That boy has grown taller since he’s been gone. He left at 6’2” and is now 6’4” and quite slim. He’s handsome, more grown-up handsome. What left here 9 months ago was a young man with some anger issues, father issues, life issues and has returned a grown up with a handle on all of these things. He has finished up his major at school with an 88% grade point and perfect attendance and will now go back for motor chassis fabrication (welding and anything to do with what’s under a truck) and April 25th will graduate and just see where life will take him from there.

I think I have finally calmed down and relaxed and am finally at terms with so much that was happening in 2012. It wasn’t my best year at all and it is something you can see in my appearance, my way of holding my body, the way I handled lots of things but with a new year on it’s way things will only get better and I even have some plans for that. I’ll share in a bit.

I have some pictures to share with you today. They are self explanatory but if not will add a caption. You know I have to share, it’s just the way I am and my blog is.

I’ll be back soon with what’s up and what’s going to be happening but until than I wish you all the very best the rest of this holiday season. Take care and Happy New Year!!!


See those little pins on Mike’s badge? Those four mean 4 phases of perfect attendance. I am very proud of him. Come rain, snow, hail, a fever and more he went to school each and every day. 100_0584

My wee ones. This is more than likely our last daycare Christmas party. It was the perfect party with the worlds most awesome kids.

100_0583 100_0591

100_0592 100_0593

100_0589 100_0586

100_0595 100_0596

There’s a helicopter flying in Mike’s picture, can you find it?

So that is that for now my friends. I have a give away happening shortly. A new life style change. And a few things I will share about why or how I think things have happened and 2013 will be a really an awesome year. Full of goodness, sadness, hopefulness, adventure and so much more. I hope you will join me in all of this.

Take care and relax and rejuvenate and enjoy. We’ve got work to do soon. Blessings!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I can’t do it all so….

For right now my blog has to go on the back burner. I will be back after the first of the year with a plan from Jan 3rd to April21st to lose 20 lbs. I will be back to share some of the awesome crafts I learned this holiday season. I will be back to share and learn and be part of this wonderful community. But for now I just can’t do it.

I want to wish you all the most awesomest, blessed, wonderful holiday season.

I want to pray for everyone that has been effected by the terrible things that have happened this year and mostly last Friday. We are a great world but have some bad things in it and though I can’t do much about any of it, I can offer my prayers, my thoughts and love and just hope that somewhere along the lines it can offer some comfort.

Take care all my wonderful friends. I love each and every one of you. Thank you for being such huge part of my life.



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Someone or two is awesome!!

Today in my mailbox was two packages. I haven’t ordered anything, not in the star right now, however there were two packages from Amazon. I asked Mike, nope not his … I asked Jim, nope not his … they were in my name but you just never know. So since they were addressed to me I opened them.

The first one was a pack of beautiful headbands, 7 to be exact. All colors and a really sweet material too. Someone knows that I hate my hair in my face and sent me these. Who? I haven’t a clue but thank you my sweet friend.

The other package …. well this one, this one unbelievable. And it had to be one of you because you guys are the only ones I told/asked about Rachel and Abby’s bedroom.  In this package were not just one but two super cute, super soft stuffed animals. One is a purple cow … for Rachel and the other a cute pink horse for Abby. How do I know this? I told you guys about helping Rachel and Abby redo their own rooms and Abby wants anything pink and Rachel wants cows and the color purple. WOW, I can’t wait to give these two them.

Want to see?


Another super good deed, Lalie … a reader I didn’t even know I had, sent Abby some pretty pink drapes and she made both Rachel and Abby bunting the colors of their rooms. I don’t have a picture to share of these, my camera is out of batteries but Jim’s bringing me some home tomorrow. Just believe me when I tell you, this was awesome.

These girls are going to be so surprised and happy and in awe that people we don’t even know sent them goodies for their new rooms.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. For everything! You guys are really, truly awesome!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

This week….

I wrote my aunt a letter telling her about this week. I’m going to share it with you because…well it’s easier to cut and paste then retype it all.

Hello my dear aunt. How are you doing with all that's been going on in your life? How's the cardio exercises going? Are you and you hubby feeling better now? Are you all set for winter? Did you decorate for Christmas? Have you started your Christmas cards? What's new?

Life here was a very busy week. I spent as much time at mama and daddy's as possible. We got the house decorated and the outside and spent one day cleaning. Mama is doing pretty good but does hurt if she doesn't take her meds. She was having problems with the pain pill so I sorta figured out if she takes 1/2 every four hours she doesn't get weird feeling instead of the full one every six. However today she told me the extra strength Tylenol works as good most of the time. I fixed many meals this week for them and really had a great time dining with them.

Then came Friday and work had to step in. On Fridays I work a full day of bussing and then today too. Tomorrow is breakfast out with Jim, grocery shopping, shoveling a ton of coal and a sewing project for Jim's grad project he's building for Mike. I have called and stopped in after work so know that they are okay.

I did do a couple craft projects this week. I made Brenda's birthday present. I took a broken very old earring and turned it into a dragonfly. And I made a snowman out of an old bedspread and buttons (thanks to Kim and her creative ideas). I'll see if I can send the pictures with this email. I also took some egg shells and made a sorta crackled project. Oh daddy and I went out and got Christmas trees too. I have found out I have to do other things along with work and taking care of mama and daddy or I'll just crumble and since that's not something that would be good for anyone I try and do a bit of this and that.

Now next week I need to start back on my weight loss journey. I have let it go for to long and now my pants are getting tighter and I have lost some major muscle mass. So it's back to tracking and getting to the gym and really working out. When I go to Mike's graduation in April I would like to look and feel good. So though I'm not going to worry about the weight part I am going to lose the 10 lbs that have come back and get back into shape and round, well that's not the shape I want.

Mike is doing great in school. Still perfect attendance and a 3.6 grade point average. He is excited that this portion is just about over with and he'll be home for Christmas. When he goes back to school it will be for his minor in Motor Chassis Fabrication (his major was Diesel Technology). He has had some issues with his roommates, mainly 1, but have seemed to finally just gotten to the point they exist together but not together. Mike's made a couple good friends and lots of acquaintances. Mike flies home on the 21st and I'll be picking him up in Mpls at 10:00 pm. When he goes back on the 1st, I'm planning on bringing mama and daddy for a visit but that time isn't here yet so nothing written in stone.

I had Rachel and Abby here for Thanksgiving evening and Friday so they helped me decorate for Christmas. It was a bit hard not having Mike here but am trying to adjust to the empty nest. Most days it's okay, not all the time but mostly. I do get to talk to Mike 3-4 times a day which is nice for us both. I let him do the calling so I'm not the bothering mama. I have a big project to start on next week. David (Rachel and Abby's dad) has two snowmobiles he's going to borrow Mike and Scott during Christmas vacation. However one of them needs a seat rebuilt. I don't think I'll be sewing him a new seat cover right now but I'm rebuilding the bottom and sides and will use some duct tape on the bad spots. After Christmas I'll see if I can fabricate something that will work.

Life with Jim has improved a million percent. I guess just sharing me with his son wasn't in his life plans. And though I can't change what was I can make sure that if Mike moves home for a while things will be a bit different. Not positive how yet but will make sure that Jim feels connect to us both as well as keeping the connection with Mike.

Well, I think I have caught you up on what's what here. I hope you can view the pictures. They are taken with my cell phone so not great or full of color but you can get the idea.

I hope you are feeling great and getting stronger. If, if....something happens and mama and daddy don't come down on the 1st, we will be coming down soon. Reason I am saying this is, just maybe since Jim is off on the 1st he'll be coming with to send Mike off and I know that mama and daddy won't come then. However I'm off the next two days after that so can always drive down once more to see you. But for now we'll just wait and see.

Love you. Have a great weekend. Bye for now.

Love Julie

So my friends, that was my week and what’s happening next. However there’s a bit more… I am planning a dinner with a friend on Monday evening, cleaning the big house on Tuesday (about a 4 hour job), taking my dad to Christmas Music in the Park on Wednesday evening, Thursday cleaning the dance hall and in-between all of that a couple of hours 3 times this week of exercise and taking care of mama and daddy every other spare minute. And….some type of crafting.

I hope that you all are having an awesome weekend. I took the boy basketball to Pierz and they did very well, got home and took a nap, did the chores, fix dinner and am now relaxing.

Take care my friends. I’ll try and stop by and visit. Like Pam, I so love your idea of putting a book together for up-coming parents. Jill, your Thanksgiving and family is awesome. Deanna, with all the exercise I’m betting the scale is saying all those new muscles. Mir I hope your feeling better and your new weight is wonderful. Angela, I really love your Friday’s letters. You are one terrific mom/friend/spouse! Nell, I hope your family is getting better. Kalei's best friend, your pictures, your life, your outlook is one we all should look up to and into. Kim, you have some mighty awesome crafting talent and every day skills you share, thank you! Amanda’s, getting married soon…really soon, December 7th. WOW!!! It came fast. Michele, you dedication to your family and health, I wish I had 1/10th of your strength. Karen, praying for you. Betty, wedding…soon? Noelle, you can do it…take a nap and my dear, your daughter is the most amazing and beautiful little one ever!!  And more but haven’t gotten there yet.

Blessings my friends. Sorry for the long post…but it’s been awhile.


 part one letter MFinished letter M

My try at egg shell art.


My snowman.

Brenda's birthday pin

Brenda’s dragonfly pin.