Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Someone or two is awesome!!

Today in my mailbox was two packages. I haven’t ordered anything, not in the star right now, however there were two packages from Amazon. I asked Mike, nope not his … I asked Jim, nope not his … they were in my name but you just never know. So since they were addressed to me I opened them.

The first one was a pack of beautiful headbands, 7 to be exact. All colors and a really sweet material too. Someone knows that I hate my hair in my face and sent me these. Who? I haven’t a clue but thank you my sweet friend.

The other package …. well this one, this one unbelievable. And it had to be one of you because you guys are the only ones I told/asked about Rachel and Abby’s bedroom.  In this package were not just one but two super cute, super soft stuffed animals. One is a purple cow … for Rachel and the other a cute pink horse for Abby. How do I know this? I told you guys about helping Rachel and Abby redo their own rooms and Abby wants anything pink and Rachel wants cows and the color purple. WOW, I can’t wait to give these two them.

Want to see?


Another super good deed, Lalie … a reader I didn’t even know I had, sent Abby some pretty pink drapes and she made both Rachel and Abby bunting the colors of their rooms. I don’t have a picture to share of these, my camera is out of batteries but Jim’s bringing me some home tomorrow. Just believe me when I tell you, this was awesome.

These girls are going to be so surprised and happy and in awe that people we don’t even know sent them goodies for their new rooms.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. For everything! You guys are really, truly awesome!!!


Kalei's Best Friend said...

they are so sweet!. bet it feels good you paid it forward by your deed! :-)

Kim said...

That is so sweet!!!! I wanna see a picture of the bunting!!!! Are their rooms done yet? What else could they use?

Betty WSch. said...

That is so nice of your readers. I'm glad for you. I wish I could send you something, but the cost is just too much right now. Keeping you in my prayers though!
Blessings Julie!

Shannon said...

Awww...that's so sweet! What a nice surprise for you!

I've been behind on reading blogs, but I just noticed that Mike is coming home for Christmas. I know you are so excited!


Anonymous said...

Im so glad you like them!!! I wanted to tell you the whole story, but I want to be annonymous! The morning of your post I had prayed and asked for a way to show love to someone that I dont know. A random act of kindness. WELL!!! I read your post and racked my brain as to how I could help. A few hours after reading your post, I was blessed with a gift card from Amazon. PERFECT!!! I searched purple cow and taa daa. and then I was looking for a My Little Pony and didnt see anything I really liked, but this guy stood out, so taa daa!! And the head bands, they were a a God breeze (a whisper from God).
Julie, you are a wonderful special lady with a huge heart. I wish I could do more for those two special ladies in your life!!

Sarah G said...


Sunshine's Heart said...

That is wonderful, Julie. I know you are pleased to have such thoughtful readers. It is a pleasure to see the nice things people do for each other, especially around the holidays.

Jill said...

That is so sweet!! Hope you are having a wonderful week!


Melinda said...

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Baby Sister said...

How awesome is that, Julie. You have such amazing readers. :)