Saturday, March 31, 2012

E2E week to last update….

Well I have 2 more pounds to remove before I back at my starting weight of this challenge. Really I didn’t join this challenge to lose weight but I sure didn’t join it to gain weight and then spend the time working on getting rid of what I put on. Geez people, I’m not to smart. However I did join this challenge to work on my running. I haven’t been tip top on it, I really should of been able to run a full 5K or more by now but I’m getting there. I think if my leg wouldn’t bother me all the time I could do better but since I got hurt, saw the doctor and had the cats can thing I have been worried about pushing it to much. Excuses? Maybe? I don’t think so unless I really think about it.

My book is awesome!!!! Here’s a look see into what it’s all about.

Food. Clothes. Spending. Media. Possessions. Waste. Stress. They would spend thirty days on each topic, boiling it down to the number seven. Only eat seven foods, wear seven articles of clothing, and spend money in seven places. Eliminate use of seven media types, give away seven things each day for one month, adopt seven green habits, and observe “seven sacred pauses.” So, what’s the payoff from living a deeply reduced life? It’s the discovery of a greatly increased God—a call toward Christ-like simplicity and generosity that transcends social experiment to become a radically better existence.

I am thinking that once May rolls around I am going to implement this into my life. 7 months to rid some of the extra stuff I am carrying around that I just don’t need. First I’m going to finish the book and think about the way the 7 topics will help me. And getting closer to God is the ultimate experience.

I did visit each of you this week, at least once, and some of you have rocked this challenge….I mean really!!!! Some of you are hanging in there and working hard, YEAH!!! Keep trying, keep up the great work. Some of you are struggling along, like me but not quitting, like me and we will get to where we want to be, we will. We’re all learning…. some quickly, some at a great pace and a few just a wee bit slower BUT we are learning and sharing.

The past little while I’ve been a terrible partner to Casey. I’m so sorry Casey. I need to e-mail you and just catch up on everything.

There is no way I can show myself in the outfit I picked for this challenge. There is no way it’s going to fit me, at least not before the challenge ends, not before my 50th birthday, not before summer. But it will fit during this summer, it WILL!!!

I have learned some important things this year, this challenge. Stress is not my friend and no matter how I try to handle it, I haven’t learned how. I feel responsible for so much and there’s so much I can not change or help with and I have got to learn how to figure that out. I can’t make my mama better, all I can do is be there and help all I can. My sister, well it’s sorta the same thing. She picked her life and circumstances and all I can do is help her when she needs it, support her along the way. Scott is the sweetest boy there is (besides my Mike) and he will come out of this a wise young man and with the help of Mike he will find his way. Mike heading to school is the greatest thing for him and though it’s not an easy thing for me to let go I will and then get to reap the benefits of a happy, healthy, well educated, wonderful young man who has followed his heart and is doing what he picked. Stress will come and go and I need to learn from it.

Mike will be off and running in 3 weeks to the day. Today we went shopping, picked up everything except his work boots and groceries. Spent plenty but he’s pretty much set. His suburban is just about ready to roll. We have saved $1000.00 for travel and hotels and his first week or two of expenses. I think we’re/he’s getting there.

Well I didn’t join the new challenge that’s starting up, sorta wish I had but then again I not the greatest challenger lately and I feel I can’t give it my all, so I’m going to keep working on my own trying to become healthy, wealthy and wise. Hey, you know the wealthy I’m talking about isn’t the money part right? It’s the wealthy in knowledge and more though you know the money part…well I’ll never be wealthy but if we can pay the bills and have a dime left over I’d call that wealthy.

Take care my friends and good luck this last week. I’ll be by to visit you and support you and even though this challenge will end I’ll still be around to check in on you and learn from you and share along the way. Blessings you all!!! 

Friday, March 30, 2012

I’m never late…but…

I didn’t get my midweek update in and for the rules I know I’m suppose to. I have never missed a update except last Sunday because gone but did get it to you all on Monday and now it’s Friday already and no midweek update from me. I am sorry Mir, the week just has flew by with doctor stuff, bus and daycare, college and more that …. well it’s Friday already.

I haven’t been doing terrible though. The scale shows a loss, the tape measure stays the same though. I am getting my run/walks in and one day at the gym so some exercise. Reading, other then college material I haven’t gotten to any books of any kind. I’m going to have to learn to become a travel agent to in order to figure out how to get Mike home every few months and me to him once this summer. Greyhound, Frontier, Southwestern, Amtrak…..we’ve always driven where we wanted to go and really other then intrastate we didn’t spend much time the past 20 years out of state.

So I’m sorry I missed this weeks update. I’ll get back to you all on Sunday with the next to last update. Rock and roll guys, it’s only 9 days to the end. How about I just get back to my starting weight for this challenge….I’d settle for that. And the running that was my goal for this challenge, it’s happening…slowly and surely it’s happening.

Take care my friends. Blessings to you all. Hope you have a great weekend. We’re school shopping tomorrow and then begins the packing, donating and storing.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thanks Allan…

I check on Allan as often as I can and today he posted this…..

Click here... you gotta do'll see why...

WOW!!!! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Don’t assume anything because things are not at all what you might think. It never is.

A long time ago I decided you will like me for me, not for what you want me to be, not for what you think I should be, not for doing what you think I should. I am me and I’m sorry if you can’t except me for that. I am hoping the kids in this video do the same thing.

Blessings my friends. Now go and click and enjoy!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

WOW!!! Where to start….

First I will do the E2E update. It’s easy really. Nothing new. Same weight, same size, no reading my book and last week no blogging or commenting or reading. A new week and just a short time away from the end of our challenge. I haven’t been doing anything rip-roaring but you all know why so I’m not going to apologize or make excuses or anything. I will just be content with what life has right now and as long as I am not gaining my weight back and I am still running I think all is good.
Now some bad news. My sister had a stroke this past late week. She’s only 48 years old but has been very hard on her body. Of course I was gone and couldn’t do anything to help or support though we did get some paperwork and details taken care of via phone. I’m my sisters keeper so when things ever get to the point in her life she needs someone to talk for her or make her decisions I am there. She is weak but able to function so we’ll just take it all a day at a time. Just got a call, Cindy is back in the hospital with another possible stroke. No news as of yet, I’ll keep you posted.
My mama has her doctors appointment tomorrow at noon. I am hoping they can find out what is going on with her. She just can’t keep going on with not knowing where she’s bleeding and not knowing what to do about it. It’s hard the waiting game.
Daycare is good. Bus driving is excellent and I am able to start working on getting caught up after so long of just barely or closely making it. It’s a lot less stress there other then trying to fit in two full time jobs and life.
So are you tired of reading and ready to hear about WyoTech? Are you ready to see some pictures? Should I make you wait until tomorrow? Naw I didn’t think so either, besides I have to share.
100_8956I thinks he’s excited…!!…
First I have got to tell you going to Laramie was the best thing we could of ever done. The minute we drove into the town it felt like it could be home. It’s awesome and sweet and just perfect for Mike. It’s not fast paced, it’s not backwards, it’s just right. I love it and so did Mike. The school is just what Mike was hoping for and if filled all of my dreams for him. Here’s a few pictures of the area and school. 
We didn’t take the camera inside, wasn’t sure it was okay and they did ask another parent to put it away so glad we held back. After all was said and done Mike changed his major also. He’s now going to pursue Motorsport Chassis Fabrication w/ Diesel Technology and when this part of school is over he’ll be taking Advance Diesel training with all hands on. So he’ll be gone for better then 18 months but he’ll have the knowledge to go just about anywhere in the world.
100_8994 100_8996
The school is surrounded on two sides with mountains and two sides with flats. Mike can hike, camp, go mudding and so much more on his time off.
And in the winter time, there’s skiing, sledding and other goodness too.
We hurried down, left at 5:30 Wednesday evening and arrived in Laramie at 10:00 Thursday morning. We ate out for our first and only meal at Waffle House and went to the motel and slept for a couple of hours. Then it was time to see Mike’s new home town.
File:Downtown Laramie e.jpg
I got these two pictures from dogpile images because we didn’t take the camera into town with us.
After the school tour, visit with staff and students. Seeing the housing and checking out the town we left about 4:00 and started to head home. No hurry though because instead of just a day to get home we had two so we spent some time sight seeing and visiting and enjoying each others company. The sad part I was thinking about some times is this is my last really vacation or big time alone with him. We all know that once he is in school, graduates life moves forward and even though that is the most excellent thing it’s also sad for the mama. But anyways, we enjoyed the full trip, talked tons and loved every bit of it.
Our fist stop on the way home was Hot Springs. My uncle goes there at least once a year and even though we didn’t have the money to shop we drove around and enjoyed the sites.
Our next stop was Mount Rushmore. It’s been 15 years since we visited there and they have added so much to it. Check these pictures outs.
 100_9072 100_9076
100_9079 100_9080
100_9084 100_9086
100_9087   100_9101
Our walk started in the light but by time we were done it was getting pretty dark. As you can see, tons of steps down and back up. Mike said something sweet, he said it was great walking these with me because a couple of years ago I wouldn’t of even tried and I would of died in a pile if I had made it. I wasn’t even puffing when we finished.
We stayed that night in Rapid City ( I know I said we’d just stay one night the full time gone but since we got to borrow a smaller car we had a little bit extra to spend a second night).
We went to a Black Hills Gold manufacture and warehouse and got to have a mini tour and Mike bought me two very pretty necklaces. On clearance and closeout and without boxes so spent just close to  $30.00 and his gift to me for all of this. I am loving it and wearing one right now.
Our next stop was South Dakota Air and Space Museum near Ellsworth Air Force Base.
         This is their pictures too because he took pictures with his phone and I don’t have them yet.
So after our great adventure here we headed to Wall Drug. Yes a tourist trap beyond all tourist traps but I have never been there to just meander around and Mike let me do just that. We had a blast just looking at junk and stuff and lots of old time photos. I found something for 2 very special friends that they will be tickled about (at least I hope they are).

Wow, some more pictures I got from dogpile. I did add a link to some of them to take you to a site telling you about the places and more.
Our last trip was the badlands. 100_9175
It is one of the most beautiful places and most mysterious too.
100_9104 100_9107
100_9148 100_9108
And then homeward bound. I had hope to go to the Terri Redlin museum but either we would of had to skip some of the stuff we did or stay an extra 12 hours in the car and figured Mike will be gone for over 18 months, there will be plenty of time to pass through there and see my most favorite artist.
So we spent close to 38 hours 2012-03-25_00-43-01_866 in the car from start to finish and drove 2600 miles.
All in all it was the most wonderful trip I have ever been on. It truly was wonderful and it really did put my mind at ease about all of this. So there you have it my friends, my adventure to a new beginning or another chapter in my life. I can do this, I can be the proudest mama, the most supportive and a bit heart broken but I know that in the end this is what Mike wants, what Mike needs and what Mike loves and it will be good.
I’m going to end this with a few more pictures. Do enjoy and thank you all for your prayers, well wishes and thoughts. It was so great to come home and find some e-mails and comments asking about our trip and how I was. THANK YOU!!! Now blessings to you all. Take care my friends!!!
100_8951 100_9152
100_8959 100_8969
100_9024 100_9026
100_9032 100_9081
100_9053 100_9063

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hi from Wyoming

1123 miles so far. Beautiful and wonderful. So excited haven't slept since 4 yesterday am. All is good. Blessings!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

E2E challenge and more…

Because my updates are as boring as eating ice cream with no topping, a baked potato with no butter, a glass of water without ice cubes I’m going to combine my update with some daycare fun and a dinner.

But first my update. No gain, no loss, just maintaining. The measuring tape isn’t saying anything grand either however it’s not saying I’m super fat just chubby. My mama took me shopping today for an outfit to wear to Mike’s college. I tried on at least a dozen tops and hated them all. I can’t wear a large yet (the blouses gap at the bust), the xlarge shirts hang like a sheet. I finally found just two very plain tops that will do but nothing great. I got a new pair of jeans and stuck with my size 14 because the 12’s are just a bit to tight to be sitting for hours in. I no longer have to buy a wide shoe, which is awesome, so got a really nice pair of Nike running shoes. All in all it was an excellent shopping trip though I know that I really need to work on toning because I didn’t like the lumps and bumps in some of those tops.

I found a really cool new book. It’s called 7: an Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker.7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess I am feeling a bit cluttered, a bit full both mentally, physically and more and while reading …..(can’t remember who’s blog, I’m sorry)….she was taking so much about her experience in reading this book and the changes she was making and how just totally awesome I thought it would be good for me. So far it’s great. It’s a lot about spiritual goodness too and I’m really in the need of getting that in order. A new phase in my life is about to happen and I think this will help along the way.

I will apologize for not getting to check in with most of you this week. I truly am sorry. It’s just takes time to be on the computer and time is priceless right now so I’m doing the best that I can.

This midweek Mike and I are heading to Wyoming. It’ll be 2 days drive down, 1 day for our visit and then 2 days drive back home but I/we will be so much more ready for this when he leaves next month. At least I can be a bit more at ease but I know I won’t be more ready, I’m never going to be ready for that.

A new week full of trying to get to be the healthiest I can be, though for me right now it’s just going very, very slowly.


We had our birthday party party yesterday. Mike’s 20th and Rachel’s 12th. Mike was 8 when Rachel starting coming to daycare as an infant. I have some pictures I’ll share with you in a couple of weeks to show you those two and more together growing up. I’m finding it a bit hard to digest all of this, this year. This is Mike’s last birthday with Rachel, not really but his next one, his 21st he’ll be at school and after that life will move forward. All is good, all is moving on.

March 2012 002 

I had 4 big kids after the party and Mike wanted to head to his friends so the kids and I went for a walk. We were going to go cut some pussy willows but that didn’t happen we did this instead.

 March 2012 004 March 2012 007

Our pond opened up in the past couple of days and the kids were so happy to see the fish in there. As we started our walk the north side of the hill still has some snow. We had a snowball fight before heading on our walk.

March 2012 009 March 2012 010

We have a huge beaver dam the goes from our side of the creek to my uncles and this is the first year the water is low enough that I could take the kids across it. They got to see lots of cool things from frog skeletons, to beaver sticks-logs and just a working dam.

 March 2012 012 March 2012 013

We got across the dam and walked to Marks and the kids got to hold, cuddly and love the babies.


 March 2012 018 March 2012 019

                           March 2012 022

Working on making healthy choices so when the boys dropped fish pff we had a great dinner. I sprayed them with cooking spray, sprinkled on a bit of season salt, lemon pepper and roasted peppers and nuked for 2 minutes, let it rest a minute and then another 2 minutes. YUMMY!!

I served it with this…The white square is a small piece of angel food cake that I was to full to eat so Mike ate it.

March 2012 021 March 2012 020

So moving forward, working on life and excepting and learning to handle all the new things that are heading my way.

Take care my friends and have an awesome week. I will not be home or near a computer from this week to next Monday. So that will mean no midweek update or a E2E weekly update but I will be back on the 26th with pictures of our trip, of Mike’s new school. of the mountains and just maybe a trip to Mount Rushmore if we can just swing a few extra hours. 2500 miles in 4.5 days busy, busy, busy!!


P.S. I have an awesome partner. I just walked back from the mailbox and found this in there.

March 2012 024

You know what I got from Paraguay? I got these and this….

  March 2012 028March 2012 030

The most beautiful earrings and a box of tea. Yep, it’s a bit squashed but it came from South America to North Minnesota, I’m not complaining one little bit. I think it’s so cool it’s so different then what we get here and those stamps, I am loving them too. Thank you so much Casey.