Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mama, E2E update, finding time, college….

So the first and foremost for today is mama. She had a blood transfusion today and it went just fine. It was very long, they (mama and daddy) got to the hospital at 7:30, I got there at 8:45 and I left at 2:15 (I had to drive both am and pm routes so my day started at 4:45 and Mike is working late so will be up and doing until at least 11:00) and they left about 3:30 but it went good. She didn’t have any problems with the blood, no body rejection or anything, she ate very well even though it was hospital food and she even got a nap in. I took a picture but I am pretty sure if I showed what a sleeping mama looks like at her worse she’d kill me :o). I went shopping tonight for them because I just didn’t have time to make them a decent supper so I picked up chicken, tators, salad makings and a half a pie. Mama was sleeping when I got there but daddy was happy I came by. I probably should of stayed and visited a bit but I had to get home to chores, the fire and our supper. I’ll check in later on before bed. I took daddy to the Cobblestone cafe in the hospital and daddy loved their beef barely soup and strawberry/pineapple smoothie. All in all mama will feel a bit better for a while. Next Tuesday she goes in for her endoscope to find out how bad the aneurism is and …. well then what.

My update for the E2E challenge is just plain maintaining. I can’t handle anything else at the moment and I have sorta given up trying to do it all. Not given up such as eating anything I want, not exercising, not taking care of myself. More given up trying to calculate it all and think ahead. I am never going to quit, just find time.

So speaking of finding time. Even though my weight is just staying the same and my measurements aren’t changing I am still trying to at least get some exercise in. The main thing I get done during the week is a run 3 times. I think this is what is helping me maintain for now. I have done a couple days of the 6 pack March but think it’s going to take me all of March, April and May to get anything that will look like a smoother stomach. Heck it’ll be a long time really since I’m full of lumps and bumps. But I am finding 10 minutes here and 5 minutes there and 30 minutes when I get home to get some exercise in. It’s hard and I will say a lot of time I don’t give it 110% but I do push myself but I know that I can push harder but right now….well I'm doing the best I can. No where near perfect, heck not even 1/2 mast perfect but things will calm down, things will improve and then I can put more of my all into me.

And for college, Mike will be going. I have been talking to the school a lot this week and we have managed to get all the ducks in a row and have been approved for a loan that will take care of tuition and housing. Mike is still applying for grants and scholarships but there just isn’t many to be had for less then 2-4 year colleges and for a young man that waited until he was ready to go. But it’s still good news so that means from the 21st-25th Mike and I will be away from home. We are leaving the 21st after work (about 7pm) and heading to Wyoming to visit, tour, site see and learn. It’s a 20 hour drive but with two drivers one will sleep and one will drive or need be we’ll nap here and there. We don’t know a soul down there so will be staying in the suburban most of the time except for Thursday night we’ll get a room so we can be ready for the school on Friday. It’ll all work out because if feels right but just so much to try and handle and do along with everything else is thrown at me/us.

So there, it’s already 7:00 Thursday evening and I need to fix some supper, carry in some wood and I am positive there is a load of clothes in the dryer waiting to be folded plus the dish washer is clean and the sink has dishes waiting. Mike is working late, Jim is in his garage so I better just get these things done before I come unglued.

Tomorrow is no school, no 4:45 wake up, I get to sleep until 6:30. There is a full day of daycare with school kids and Joss but it’ll be a terrific day.

Take care my friends and thank you so much for you kinds words, your support, your prayers and love. I appreciate them very much. Blessings to you all!!


Shawn said...

I'm praying for your Mom and your family. Hopefully, with the transfusion, she will feel better and have some energy.

Where are you going in Wyoming? I have a condo in Denver, that you are welcome to stay in, which is about 2hours from Cheyenne.

Mary T said...

Glad to hear the transplant went well. Best of luck!

Caron said...

And blessings to you as well, Julie. Hope all continues to improve.

Jordan said...

Every time I read one of your posts, you show me what real strength is. I'm glad I "know" you! Have you ever heard of couch surfing? It is people who are willing to share their sofa for a guest to sleep on. Maybe there is a way you could find some place to sleep that doesn't cost anything. Google it, and good luck!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I'm hoping your Mom is doing better. And you've been going through so much. I can tell just from reading your posts that you never give up and you're strong. You really give me so much inspiration!

Michele said...

I am so glad that transfusion went well. Keeping your mama in my thoughts, too. Sending blessings to you both.

SO glad that Mike is GOING!!! Well done and great job being persistent!

Maren said...

Glad to hear things are looking up on your end! So great that Mike will be going to school!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

May you and your family be blessed and remain wrapped in his warmth...

Casey said...

So sorry, I've not commented up til now.
I'm glad to hear your mom is better. Hope she will fully recover. Mom's are important no matter how old you get!
And I am so happy Mike will be able to go to college. As much as you long for him to be home with you, I see how you are encouraging him to get out and follow his dreams.
God bless you, dear friend!

EmptyNester said...

Sorry I haven't been around for a while- I think I've been in a blog funk or something. I'm glad it went well with your mom. Hope beyond all hope that she's going to be just fine. Have you tried the 30 Day Shred? It only takes 20 minutes/day and it really works- you can get level one on You Tube for FREE! Maybe if you squeeze that in with your three days running you'll see some changes. I don't want you to get frustrated but with all that's on your plate, it's difficult not too! Can't wait to hear all about the college trip! Take LOADS of pix!