Monday, March 26, 2012

WOW!!! Where to start….

First I will do the E2E update. It’s easy really. Nothing new. Same weight, same size, no reading my book and last week no blogging or commenting or reading. A new week and just a short time away from the end of our challenge. I haven’t been doing anything rip-roaring but you all know why so I’m not going to apologize or make excuses or anything. I will just be content with what life has right now and as long as I am not gaining my weight back and I am still running I think all is good.
Now some bad news. My sister had a stroke this past late week. She’s only 48 years old but has been very hard on her body. Of course I was gone and couldn’t do anything to help or support though we did get some paperwork and details taken care of via phone. I’m my sisters keeper so when things ever get to the point in her life she needs someone to talk for her or make her decisions I am there. She is weak but able to function so we’ll just take it all a day at a time. Just got a call, Cindy is back in the hospital with another possible stroke. No news as of yet, I’ll keep you posted.
My mama has her doctors appointment tomorrow at noon. I am hoping they can find out what is going on with her. She just can’t keep going on with not knowing where she’s bleeding and not knowing what to do about it. It’s hard the waiting game.
Daycare is good. Bus driving is excellent and I am able to start working on getting caught up after so long of just barely or closely making it. It’s a lot less stress there other then trying to fit in two full time jobs and life.
So are you tired of reading and ready to hear about WyoTech? Are you ready to see some pictures? Should I make you wait until tomorrow? Naw I didn’t think so either, besides I have to share.
100_8956I thinks he’s excited…!!…
First I have got to tell you going to Laramie was the best thing we could of ever done. The minute we drove into the town it felt like it could be home. It’s awesome and sweet and just perfect for Mike. It’s not fast paced, it’s not backwards, it’s just right. I love it and so did Mike. The school is just what Mike was hoping for and if filled all of my dreams for him. Here’s a few pictures of the area and school. 
We didn’t take the camera inside, wasn’t sure it was okay and they did ask another parent to put it away so glad we held back. After all was said and done Mike changed his major also. He’s now going to pursue Motorsport Chassis Fabrication w/ Diesel Technology and when this part of school is over he’ll be taking Advance Diesel training with all hands on. So he’ll be gone for better then 18 months but he’ll have the knowledge to go just about anywhere in the world.
100_8994 100_8996
The school is surrounded on two sides with mountains and two sides with flats. Mike can hike, camp, go mudding and so much more on his time off.
And in the winter time, there’s skiing, sledding and other goodness too.
We hurried down, left at 5:30 Wednesday evening and arrived in Laramie at 10:00 Thursday morning. We ate out for our first and only meal at Waffle House and went to the motel and slept for a couple of hours. Then it was time to see Mike’s new home town.
File:Downtown Laramie e.jpg
I got these two pictures from dogpile images because we didn’t take the camera into town with us.
After the school tour, visit with staff and students. Seeing the housing and checking out the town we left about 4:00 and started to head home. No hurry though because instead of just a day to get home we had two so we spent some time sight seeing and visiting and enjoying each others company. The sad part I was thinking about some times is this is my last really vacation or big time alone with him. We all know that once he is in school, graduates life moves forward and even though that is the most excellent thing it’s also sad for the mama. But anyways, we enjoyed the full trip, talked tons and loved every bit of it.
Our fist stop on the way home was Hot Springs. My uncle goes there at least once a year and even though we didn’t have the money to shop we drove around and enjoyed the sites.
Our next stop was Mount Rushmore. It’s been 15 years since we visited there and they have added so much to it. Check these pictures outs.
 100_9072 100_9076
100_9079 100_9080
100_9084 100_9086
100_9087   100_9101
Our walk started in the light but by time we were done it was getting pretty dark. As you can see, tons of steps down and back up. Mike said something sweet, he said it was great walking these with me because a couple of years ago I wouldn’t of even tried and I would of died in a pile if I had made it. I wasn’t even puffing when we finished.
We stayed that night in Rapid City ( I know I said we’d just stay one night the full time gone but since we got to borrow a smaller car we had a little bit extra to spend a second night).
We went to a Black Hills Gold manufacture and warehouse and got to have a mini tour and Mike bought me two very pretty necklaces. On clearance and closeout and without boxes so spent just close to  $30.00 and his gift to me for all of this. I am loving it and wearing one right now.
Our next stop was South Dakota Air and Space Museum near Ellsworth Air Force Base.
         This is their pictures too because he took pictures with his phone and I don’t have them yet.
So after our great adventure here we headed to Wall Drug. Yes a tourist trap beyond all tourist traps but I have never been there to just meander around and Mike let me do just that. We had a blast just looking at junk and stuff and lots of old time photos. I found something for 2 very special friends that they will be tickled about (at least I hope they are).

Wow, some more pictures I got from dogpile. I did add a link to some of them to take you to a site telling you about the places and more.
Our last trip was the badlands. 100_9175
It is one of the most beautiful places and most mysterious too.
100_9104 100_9107
100_9148 100_9108
And then homeward bound. I had hope to go to the Terri Redlin museum but either we would of had to skip some of the stuff we did or stay an extra 12 hours in the car and figured Mike will be gone for over 18 months, there will be plenty of time to pass through there and see my most favorite artist.
So we spent close to 38 hours 2012-03-25_00-43-01_866 in the car from start to finish and drove 2600 miles.
All in all it was the most wonderful trip I have ever been on. It truly was wonderful and it really did put my mind at ease about all of this. So there you have it my friends, my adventure to a new beginning or another chapter in my life. I can do this, I can be the proudest mama, the most supportive and a bit heart broken but I know that in the end this is what Mike wants, what Mike needs and what Mike loves and it will be good.
I’m going to end this with a few more pictures. Do enjoy and thank you all for your prayers, well wishes and thoughts. It was so great to come home and find some e-mails and comments asking about our trip and how I was. THANK YOU!!! Now blessings to you all. Take care my friends!!!
100_8951 100_9152
100_8959 100_8969
100_9024 100_9026
100_9032 100_9081
100_9053 100_9063


Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

So sorry about your sister. But thank you so much for posting all the pictures. I LOVE pictures!!! And I had the best time looking at all of them. !!!

Michele said...

Boy that looks like a really great trip, Julie! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. You look so very happy and proud, which you should be. That will be a great decision for Mike to go out there.

I am so sorry about your sister. That is tough at her age. I am sending you strength your way.

Caron said...

Really sorry to hear about your sister but also happy about your trip. I'd love to see Mount Rushmore in person! Mike does look very, very happy.

Kim said...

I'm so glad you're home! I'm glad you had such a good time! This is all so exciting for Mike! And exciting for u...we'll talk bout your mom and sister later...I'm so sorry all is not well there...geez

Karen Butler Ogle said...

It looks like a wonderful trip, Julie and I'm glad you and Mike were able to go. Such exciting things happening in his life. I'm sorry to hear about your sister. I hope it wasn't another stroke and I hope your mother's tests find the problem so they can fix it. I've missed you and am glad you are home safe and sound. The photos are lovely. Welcome home, my friend.

Betty WSch. said...

You can be so proud of your son. What a special trip and a very important memory for both of you. Glad it all went well and you know where he will be staying the next years.
Hope your sister gets better and they find out what is happening with your mom!

Angela Pea said...

Julie, Sweetheart - it will all be good. I am so proud of you for seeing that you can let Mike go and be his own man. He's going to do such great things!

Big {{hugs}} to you today, and prayers for showers of blessings upon you and yours.

safire said...

Sorry to hear about your sister! Hope everything works out with her health.

The pictures are gorgeous! Super exciting :)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Awesome pictures!

Princess Dieter said...

Girl, you make me wanna travel WITH YOU!!! Nice to see that handsome boy of yours' smile. He's adorable. May God's blessing and protection be upon him as he learns new stuff and sees new things in that wonderful time of life--YOUTH. :D

Hang in. Sometimes, life is so vexing, that all you can do is hang on. I pray God will be with your sister and mom. So sorry it's like this. Must be hard on the heart.

Hugs and a smoochie,

Debsdailylife said...

OH JULIE!!! SO very sorry to hear about your sister!! Sometimes life seems to keep throwing lemons at us and wonder when its ever gonna stop. Hugs and prayers!!!

You have such a handsome son!! What a wonderful week to spend with him, and enjoying the beauty of the northwest!!
And to get to see his school etc, so that you 'know' where he is!! What a blessing you are to him!!
Keep us posted on your mom and sister!!
And try to find a few minutes to take care of yourself too!!
Hugs and prayers!!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

my prayers are with your sister... hope she recovers fast... rest part of the post was as refreshing and as interesting as it always is...loved every bit of the glad for Mike and you ..May all his dreams be fulfilled .. God Bless....

Casey said...

Hey, Julie, I came cack to look at your pictures again, and realized I hadn't even commented. So sorry! Mike looks so happy, he got that amazing smile from his mom, right? So glad you're back safe and sound. I'm sure you are, too.
Keep us posted about your sister, I'm praying for her and your mom and you, too.

Maren said...

Those pictures are amazing, you have had some incredible sights!! You look great too!