Wednesday, March 14, 2012

There goes that time again…E2E and more…

I just don’t get it. When you’re waiting for the doctor, the deposit to go through, a train…time seems to drag on but when you’re doing the everyday normal stuff it flies by. It is amazing it’s already Wednesday.

First thing, mama had her endoscope yesterday and they found nothing that wasn’t already there and no reason for her to have such low hemoglobin. There is some place she is bleeding so next Tuesday they will do a colonoscopy to see what’s there. The doctor just doesn’t understand why all of this is happening so he’d doing a good job looking for the reason. It’s just lots of wait time. Mama is feeling pretty spunky from the transfusion so is enjoying getting some sewing done and house work she just hasn’t felt up to doing. My mama is an excellent seamstress and is making herself a spring blouse.

My challenge update, I’m still struggling to get it all done or at least all my ducks in a row and though I haven’t given up I have got to pick and choose right now. I got one run in last night, my calories are a bit higher then I’d like but need to plan ahead a bit for meals, I don’t think I’ve made it to 10 of you guys yet this week but I have written to and received a note from my buddy. All in all just maintaining but figured after our Wyoming trip next week, getting Mike organized, packed and off to college in April then I’ll get back to me. For now me is just hanging in there.

I now pick up Joss after my am bus run so it’s been taking some getting use to but it’s really working too. I know exactly what time she’ll be here and if we need to do any errands we’re already in town. Like today I need to stop and pick up two cards. One for the bus driver I am subbing for, he’s very, very sick and missing “his” kids so we are going to sign a card for him and I’ll get that either delivered to him or mailed. Also my grandma lost her beloved dog yesterday so found a pet card to take to her today. I felt awful for her because now she is truly alone in her little home. She lives in an attached apartment to my uncles house so there’s people for her but it’s not the same as a pet who no matter what loves you, curls up to you, watches you, follows you and is your companion (especially since grandpa is gone). Her name was Kelly and she really was a great dog. But life and so goes on but still lots of tears. I forgot to pick up milk so will have to do that either tonight after my pm run or tomorrow because on Friday will be our big birthday party because there’s just a 1/2 day of school and the perfect time to celebrate Rachel and Mike.

Mark, my uncle, has the goat farm and Joss has been asking every day when we go by there to stop and see the baby baa’s so we did yesterday and again today. See…

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So there we have the first part of my week. Driving bus, daycare, family, not much friend time (gotta do something about that), hanging out clothes finally, planning our trip next week, fretting about things I can’t do a thing about but still worrying, enjoying the sunshine but not the mud, trying to take care of me (sorta flunking there but I know it’s not forever, just a bit longer, except my long, sunshine filled bird singing walk/run yesterday), getting excited to see Mike’s school next week and spending 5 days with Mike traveling but then knowing it will just be 4 weeks until he’s gone (28 very short days…especially the way time has been flying by), surviving but in a good, excellent, blessed way!

I hope you all are taking some time for yourself, even if it’s just a wee bit here and there, it does do the body and soul good. I will do my best to stop by and visit you and leave you some love. I will do my best to find time for my friends too. I need to write my aunt, it’s been way to long since I’ve done that. Oh well, better get this posted, the clothes on the line, Joss some lunch, the kitchen floor mopped and then ready to hit the road. It’s sunny and beautiful today, another great walk/run is in my future.

Blessings my friends!! Thanks for stopping by, thanks for your encouragements, prayers and love.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

You certainly have a lot of things to do today, Julie. I hope you get it all done and find some time for yourself too. I don't think I could handle the pressure of all that. I will be thinking about you today. Thanks for all your help and concern last night. Blessings!

Betty WSch. said...

Super woman! That´s what you are. I admire your stamina. But am also a bit jealous. :) I love being busy and living a full life!

deanna said...

I love that you are such a busy lady, but still take the time to think of others. What a gift. You Rock!

Maren said...

Oh look at those baby baaahs!! I just love them! I think you are super woman too, so many balls in the air constantly!

Princess Dieter said...

Goats! Hubby loves goats!! There's a farm with some near my sister's house and he always takes the "goat route" haha.

I am glad they didn't find upper gi bleeding. I hope that the problem she has is not serious. My mama got aplastic anemia, and she needed weekly transfusions for was tough. I want YOUR mama to be healed up.

On we go...and your days are a lot more interesting than mine, ya busy gal.

Shawn said...

I agree with Betty, you are a Super Woman! I don't know how you get it all done!

Blessings friend,