Saturday, March 17, 2012

E2E challenge and more…

Because my updates are as boring as eating ice cream with no topping, a baked potato with no butter, a glass of water without ice cubes I’m going to combine my update with some daycare fun and a dinner.

But first my update. No gain, no loss, just maintaining. The measuring tape isn’t saying anything grand either however it’s not saying I’m super fat just chubby. My mama took me shopping today for an outfit to wear to Mike’s college. I tried on at least a dozen tops and hated them all. I can’t wear a large yet (the blouses gap at the bust), the xlarge shirts hang like a sheet. I finally found just two very plain tops that will do but nothing great. I got a new pair of jeans and stuck with my size 14 because the 12’s are just a bit to tight to be sitting for hours in. I no longer have to buy a wide shoe, which is awesome, so got a really nice pair of Nike running shoes. All in all it was an excellent shopping trip though I know that I really need to work on toning because I didn’t like the lumps and bumps in some of those tops.

I found a really cool new book. It’s called 7: an Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker.7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess I am feeling a bit cluttered, a bit full both mentally, physically and more and while reading …..(can’t remember who’s blog, I’m sorry)….she was taking so much about her experience in reading this book and the changes she was making and how just totally awesome I thought it would be good for me. So far it’s great. It’s a lot about spiritual goodness too and I’m really in the need of getting that in order. A new phase in my life is about to happen and I think this will help along the way.

I will apologize for not getting to check in with most of you this week. I truly am sorry. It’s just takes time to be on the computer and time is priceless right now so I’m doing the best that I can.

This midweek Mike and I are heading to Wyoming. It’ll be 2 days drive down, 1 day for our visit and then 2 days drive back home but I/we will be so much more ready for this when he leaves next month. At least I can be a bit more at ease but I know I won’t be more ready, I’m never going to be ready for that.

A new week full of trying to get to be the healthiest I can be, though for me right now it’s just going very, very slowly.


We had our birthday party party yesterday. Mike’s 20th and Rachel’s 12th. Mike was 8 when Rachel starting coming to daycare as an infant. I have some pictures I’ll share with you in a couple of weeks to show you those two and more together growing up. I’m finding it a bit hard to digest all of this, this year. This is Mike’s last birthday with Rachel, not really but his next one, his 21st he’ll be at school and after that life will move forward. All is good, all is moving on.

March 2012 002 

I had 4 big kids after the party and Mike wanted to head to his friends so the kids and I went for a walk. We were going to go cut some pussy willows but that didn’t happen we did this instead.

 March 2012 004 March 2012 007

Our pond opened up in the past couple of days and the kids were so happy to see the fish in there. As we started our walk the north side of the hill still has some snow. We had a snowball fight before heading on our walk.

March 2012 009 March 2012 010

We have a huge beaver dam the goes from our side of the creek to my uncles and this is the first year the water is low enough that I could take the kids across it. They got to see lots of cool things from frog skeletons, to beaver sticks-logs and just a working dam.

 March 2012 012 March 2012 013

We got across the dam and walked to Marks and the kids got to hold, cuddly and love the babies.


 March 2012 018 March 2012 019

                           March 2012 022

Working on making healthy choices so when the boys dropped fish pff we had a great dinner. I sprayed them with cooking spray, sprinkled on a bit of season salt, lemon pepper and roasted peppers and nuked for 2 minutes, let it rest a minute and then another 2 minutes. YUMMY!!

I served it with this…The white square is a small piece of angel food cake that I was to full to eat so Mike ate it.

March 2012 021 March 2012 020

So moving forward, working on life and excepting and learning to handle all the new things that are heading my way.

Take care my friends and have an awesome week. I will not be home or near a computer from this week to next Monday. So that will mean no midweek update or a E2E weekly update but I will be back on the 26th with pictures of our trip, of Mike’s new school. of the mountains and just maybe a trip to Mount Rushmore if we can just swing a few extra hours. 2500 miles in 4.5 days busy, busy, busy!!


P.S. I have an awesome partner. I just walked back from the mailbox and found this in there.

March 2012 024

You know what I got from Paraguay? I got these and this….

  March 2012 028March 2012 030

The most beautiful earrings and a box of tea. Yep, it’s a bit squashed but it came from South America to North Minnesota, I’m not complaining one little bit. I think it’s so cool it’s so different then what we get here and those stamps, I am loving them too. Thank you so much Casey.


Debsdailylife said...

Mike sure does have a beautiful smile!!!
And those earrings are absoluley beautiful!!!
All week I kept thinking you were from Upper Michigan(not sure why!) and I wondered how you faired with the tornados!! :)
Have a safe trip, and take lots of pictures! Ive never been and further west than Indiana so Id love to see whats out there!. Blessings to you as you discover and spend some quality time with Mike!!

Debsdailylife said...

PS Your updates are NOT boring!!!

Jo said...

I don't find your updates boring, but interesting. You live such a full life with family, job(s) and day care. Enjoy your trip with Mike!

Betty WSch. said...

I agree, your buddy is a great pal! The earrings are very lovely.
I do NOT agree about your updates. They are never boring and you should know we all love to hear from you. Will miss you next week and hope you have a safe trip.
Blessings to you!

Caron said...

Agree, not boring. Have a good safe trip. :)

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I'm not bored!! I loved all the pictures!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I am wishing you and safe and happy trip. I hope you enjoy yourselves and get to know more about the place where Mike will be spending so much time.I will look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Hugs.

Maren said...

Boring is not a word I would use to describe your updates. :) I love seeing pictures and hearing about your life! :)

Noelle said...

Good luck on your journey! Be safe and know you will be in my thoughts!

EmptyNester said...

I'll be thinking about you while you're on the trip! It's going to be fantastic! And it will give you peace of mind to see in person what the school looks like! Hang in there and enjoy every single minute of your time with Mike!

Michele said...

Your mom must be feeling really great to accompany you on a shopping trip. How fun for both of you! Going from a wide shoe size to regular is quite an accomplishment, Julie. How nice to get a really good pair of running shoes.

The ice is out here in Minneapolis, too. Weird to have it gone so soon. But the weather is just beautiful.

Have a great and safe trip to Wyoming. Take lots of pictures to share with us. I am so happy you are going out there to see it with him.

Kim said...

Good luck and have a great trip!!! Fun!!!!!

upinthecosmos said...

Hope you have fun on your travels, can't wait to see the pics! Your blogs, so not boring but I do like how you added in the bay pics all that land is beautiful:-)

Shawn said...

Have a great trip, take tons of pictures!

Casey said...

Yeah, I'm so glad you got my package!! That box does look a tad crushed though! :)
Love your posts! I'm so glad you take pictures too! I have such a hard time getting into that habit.
So, I'm hoping you'll have a great trip with lots of pictures, an uneventful drive (meaning no accidents or flat tires), meaningful conversations sprinkled with many laughs and fun!

Angela Pea said...


Enjoy your trip to Wyoming...I can't wait to hear about it when you come back!