Saturday, March 3, 2012

E2E weekly update…

E2E: Emerge Transformed!14 Weeks to a New You!

So the scale is unkind but it’s sure isn’t it’s fault. My parents took all of us out for dinner last night for Mike’s birthday and I will admit I over ate. It has been a very long time since I had shrimp and it wasn’t naked shrimp either plus a few french fries and a glass of milk though no dessert or treats. However the scale said 182 this morning so that means it’s up two pounds. Now earlier this week I was in the 170’s but since I just count what Sunday’s say we’ll go with that. I didn’t measure this week but everything seems to be fitting the same as it has for the past few weeks.

Book, don’t know what that is. That requires time and since I’m still learning how to manage time without falling asleep when I sit or lay down I’m working on that. However I have 10 minutes in the bus while I’m waiting for school to get out and I’ve been reading a “how to book” for college students so when I am finished with that I’ll take my running book with me.

Exercise is better this week. At least I got 2 runs and 1 cross country skiing in and a couple days of light fish flopping exercise. I am going to start back up with Jillian’s 30 day shred this week. Day 1 on Monday during nap time. I need to up my exercise and down those calories if I’m ever going to get to where I need to be.

I visited you all only once this week, I did try to read a bit more but just haven’t gotten that much time right now but am trying. I do keep in contact with Casey and she’s been an amazing partner. We have a lot in common and we’re sharing more then just weight loss issues.

So a new week, new challenges and a chance to lose some excess me. I’ll keep trying my best and taking care of me and you must do the same. Take care my friends. Good luck this week and God Bless!!


upinthecosmos said...

The scale.... it can be friend it can be foe but really it can only be the latter when we personalize it & give it that power. It sounds as if you are moving past the foe feeling this week cause you know why it wasn't a loss & you are prepared to work on that to make it one next time... that's a good thing for sure! Greats work on fitting in that exercise, here's to a new week!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Julie, Happy Birthday to Mike. I'm glad you all got to go out as a family. It is hard not to treat yourself when you are celebrating. You are doing well just to stay in the challenge with all you have going on in your life. Good for you on all the exercise. I know you love driving the bus but your schedule seems to be wearing you out. Maybe you should take a little "me" time this week and just regain some energy. Hang in there. You are doing great. hugs. :)

Anonymous said...

"So the scale is unkind but it’s sure isn’t it’s fault" << You're so darn cute. Make this week count! Happy Sunday.

Nanette said...

I just read your post about cross country skiing and this one... What is cross country skiing like? what exercise would you compare it to? I've been kinda curious. Like skating without the ankle stress?

You'll get that weight back down. Hydrate, eat well, move. You know the drill. :) I'm so happy that you've been out and moving despite the snowy weather. You're a champion.