Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow, snow and let’s run…happy Leap day!


Today was our snowstorm but because I said I would do a 2.9 mile I did. It was interesting and hard and rewarding all rolled up together.

Here’s pictures of my run and the snow and the kids and I outside playing. Enjoy my friends, we did.

100_8807 100_8815

Rachel and Abby, my very favorite young ladies.   Scout “helping” me side down the hill.

100_8818 100_8819

Our yard in this beautiful snowy wonderland.

100_8820 100_8824

See the snow coming down?                                Scout smiling at me.

100_8835 100_8838

Abby do and me.                                               Love the snow on Scout’s nose.

100_8846 100_8803

Abby the princess.                                          Aiden my ball of energy.

100_8851 100_8855

My Wilbur. He’s showing Abby the hole in the tree.


And me after my run/walk/trot….2.9 miles in 38 minutes. Not the greatest time but with 8” of snow on the ground and some ice under that not a terrible time either.


So another run in for the week, one more to go to take up Nanette’s dare. Maybe I’ll do my 10k this weekend….we’ll see.

Take care my friends and have a blessed evening.

P.S. No news on mama. She has an appointment on Monday to see the doctor and we’ll go from there. Thank you all for your words of support and prayers.




We need you…

Your prayers please. Now we don’t know anything for sure yet but something is wrong with mama. Mama has issues with blood clots so is on medicine to keep that in check however her doctor had some special blood done this past week and she has very low hemoglobin which means in some sense she is bleeding somewhere and this is causing some serious concern. Like I said we don’t know anything yet, just the beginning findings. So please in your morning or evening prayers please just say a quick “take care of Julie’s mama” please. Thank you!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let’s go for a bus ride….


Each morning I head out of the house by 5:30 so that I can get to the bus garage by 6:00 spend 30 minutes doing a bus clean up, bus safety check and some paperwork. It’s usually dark but it’s slowly lightening up now.

As I’m heading to Deerwood I see not only this deer but tons of these . We have also seen 2 of these each morning for the past two weeks. . Since we haven’t had much snow (that is until this snowstorm heading our way tonight) we can see these hunting. . We see 3 of these each morning too . There are also and and many other wee little birds. We cross the Mississippi River many times each trip and the farm land is amazing . My bus is full on the way into town and I see this for the last 5 miles of the trip . My first stop in town is the high school and then Rippleside .  I love my bus route and have been very blessed with the young people on my bus. My route of course is just the other way around on the way home but I get to see pictures like this on the way home and .

YEAH!!!! Gobblers…..


I have to tell you I didn’t get to take any of these pictures though (except the first bus one). I can’t take a camera with me so I just went to dogpile and found pictures to share with you but in real life I do get to see these places or like them and just wanted to share with you the beauty around us.

I hope that you have a great and blessed day. I’m off in 30 minutes for my evening run. We have a snowstorm heading out way, anywhere from 8-16” of snow predicted. Might make for an interesting run tomorrow. Take care my friends!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

E2E Challenge update…

E2E: Emerge Transformed!14 Weeks to a New You!

So another week has passed. I would like to know why time has to fly by so fast. I always thought I was busy before but now with driving bus full time and daycare and …you all know…time flies by even faster.

I didn’t lose or gain thing this week, holding at 180.2. Measurements haven’t changed either and there’s no way I can fit into my challenge suit yet but I’m not giving up. Exercise, well it’s almost non-existent. I did get two runs in this week but that’s about all.

I have been writing Casey and we’ve got a few more things in common then we knew. It’s been great getting to know her. She has been awesome for supporting me during all this hard times. Thank you Casey from the bottom of my heart.

I’m not able to read much lately so haven’t gotten any further in any of my books. I am excited that I’ll be getting a new magazine, Weight Watchers. Maybe there will be some new recipes I can try.

Just a short update.

I hope you all did great this week. I’ll be by to see you all as time allows. Take care my friends and God Bless!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


We had a blast today except for one hurt (me). Somehow a huge ice ball got in the way when Mike, Scott and I were heading down the slope and we slammed into it. I really thought my leg was broken but it’s just badly bruised and hot and swollen. I will live but I am betting it’ll be a few days before I can walk without limping and grimacing. But besides that we had a great time. Enjoy the pictures.

2012-02-25_15-36-38_961 0225121444b

0225121451a 0225121454a

2012-02-25_14-51-42_607 2012-02-25_14-51-53_723


Have a great weekend. Blessings my friends!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Life and ….

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted pictures of what’s going on here. So today is a share it day.


I hate mending. Jim figured if he wanted his jeans mended before I washed them he might as well give it a shot. I think he learned a bit about why I’m not impressed with mending. It’s hard to turn the pants leg and get all sides of the tear. He did it though and it washed well.


Abby turned 10 this week. We just had a little daycare group for the day but that didn’t matter to Abby. Mike gave her a pink piggy bank with about $10.00 in it. He informed her it’s the starting of her college play money, she’s suppose to add change to it when she has some. Mike got a piggy bank from Mary when Mike was little and he’s going to take it to the bank this week and he’s betting there’s at least $500.00 in change and cash in there.

 100_8789 100_8795

100_8797 100_8800


For Abby’s birthday she choose to go for a walk on the trails. Mike had us go somewhere we’ve never gone before (as a daycare). The kids had a blast and this was more then likely the last hike with Mike because he’ll be gone shortly.

0203121132b 0217121029a

Mark has got 38 new baby goats in the past 9 days. The kids and I went and got to pet a new little one that was less then an hour old.


Sunsets have been, will always be my favorite so Mike took this picture on the way home last night.

Remember this?


It’s now this. It use to take us 2 hours to unload 4 tons of coal, we can now do it with this old corn elevator turned coal elevator in 35 minutes.

100_8759 100_8770


Need eggs? My chickens are happy. They haven’t quit laying eggs all winter. Really it’s been cool because I’ve been able to keep family in eggs, daycare and all baking needs in eggs and also able to sell some along the way. So cool!!!


Not a great picture but had to share what my lap looks like when we go for a ride. Both dogs have to see out the window and Wilbur wanted his head out too.

2012-02-13_12-07-00_956That’s all folks. I hope you all have a great weekend. We are going tubing tomorrow at Ski Gull. I’m excited, we had a blast last year so know that this year will be even better.

Blessings everyone!!