Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blogger’s Healthy Heart Weekend…and…

My run in the snow for Bloggers’ Healthy Heart weekend hosted by Lori at Finding Radiance didn’t go as planned today. For one thing our snow just isn’t, for another I am feeling punky and it was –10* this morning and didn’t get much warmer then zero but….yep there’s a but…I ran my road instead. It wasn’t in the snow since the road is clear and clean but I went even though feeling yucky. No, it didn’t make me feel better like I had hoped but it did do my mind and soul good because I said I was going to run and I did. Along with this running I am also recommitting to eating extra healthy and taking good care of me.


100_8757 100_8755

I’m not sure if I have the touch of the flu or just really tired but I went to bed at 10 last night slept till 8 this morning and then took a 3 hour nap this afternoon but whatever it is will pass and I can say that even though it was cold and I was punky I did a 5K run in 38 minutes in the winter.


I hope you all had a great Saturday. My nephew has been here since game night last night and I just love watching him and Mike play and enjoy themselves. Last night we play Monopoly with grandma and of course I lost. Heck I never win that game and am the first one always to go bankrupted. It’s the electronic one so the boys can’t cheat and Mike got to be the banker with the little adding/subtracting device.


Then this morning the boys and I played games on the Wii. We bowled, played tennis and golfed.


I had to get a shot of the boys together but of course they’d sit for one and it’s not the greatest but it’s still a picture for me. I think Mike looks like a little boy in the picture while Scott looks like the older one. They are 3 years apart in age.


So that was my Saturday. A good one even though not feeling tip top. I’m going to have chicken soup for supper and just sit and watch a movie. Mike brought one home from the gas station so it’ll be nice to just sit and relax.

Tomorrow is my E2E Challenge update. Nothing fantastic there but still hanging in there.

Take care my friends and have an awesome and blessed evening and a terrific Sunday.


Michele said...

That was a very good time for your run. You might not feel great but you went out and did that run anyway! Good for you. It will be warmer here too, so I plan to cross country ski tomorrow. Can't wait.

Looks like you had a lot of fun with the boys. take good cate and hope you feel better soon! have a great rest of the weekend!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

What a nice day! I never win at Monopoly either.... but I always waste my hubs with Uno!! Great job on running a 5k in 38 minutes. Awesome! I hope to be there soon! :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!!


Caron said...

Feel better soon. You are a better woman than I am as I hesitate to go out if it's less than 40 degrees. Wimpy me. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Julie,
Please stop by my blog and pick up an award I left for you.

Lori said...

Thanks for taking part - and hope you didn't come down with anything!