Tuesday, February 7, 2012

4 days in a row….

On Saturday I ran, Sunday too, Monday came and I was there and today I went again and tomorrow…….nope not tomorrow but in those 4 days I’ve ran 15 miles and really ran 12 of them. I include my warm ups and cool downs in my runnings, I don’t know if everyone does that but for now I do. Today on my last mile back I got a cramp in my butt that hurt, oh it hurt. I had to walk the last mile back and was limping a bit when finished. It’s gone now but boy did it hurt. It’s not easy running on that trail, it’s packed in spots, tar in spots, lose in others and just plain lumpy but it still beats a gym full of people plus I had Scott with me today (my nephew) so while he filled out job applications I ran. Mike is working in Brainerd today and Scott didn’t really want to go home so since my daycare little one was only here this morning I took Scott out job hunting. He’s really suppose to be in school but his parents let him drop out and though I’m not happy with it I’m just the aunt and can only give him my words of advice. His home life is a terrible home life so he asked if he could stay here for a couple of days so he is and then he’ll go home and be back again on Friday for the weekend. At least when he’s here I know he’s eating good, getting taken care of and is happy. He’s 17 and I can only do so much but as long as he knows we are here for him that is what counts.

So this is just an update for the day. Tomorrow I drive bus both am and pm and again on Thursday just the pm route. At least for now, I am a sub and do get called for other runs as needed.

Here’s my pictures to share of the trail today. I took the dogs but just let them run ahead of me and since not a soul out there it worked out good.



This is the 1/2 way point I use for turning around. Sometimes Mike is on the other end so can keep going but today just did the 5K run. It’s exercise, feels good (other than that darn cramp) and the sunshine feels awesome.

Take care my friends. I hope that you are getting in some exercise of some kind and doing well. Blessings to you all!!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Other than the cramp it sounds like a fun day, Julie. Good for you on getting so much running in. I know that has to make you feel better and more energetic. I'm sorry your nephew is having issues at home. I'm glad you are there for him though. Take care and blessings.:)

Debsdailylife said...

Great job on the running!!! Be proud!!!
And what a wonderful aunt you are!!! Safety for our kids! No matter what the age!!

Tim said...

It's nice what you're doing for Scott! Keep being a great Aunt! :)

Michele said...

Impressive running. Beautiful place, too. Good for you Julie!

Nice that your nephew has you. Lucky, too. Encourage him to pick up school again. The stats are dismal for him in the long term. I know he can not think that far. But given his poor home life, he is making a difference for HIM if he continues or goes back to school. He will be the winner and so will his future. You know how I value education. It IS the ticket now and into the future.

Kim said...

I. Think. You. Are. Crazy! But I'll love you anyways...

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Wow... rock on Julie!!! You are tearing it up... running in the snow and all! Good for you. Sorry to hear about your cramp. Glad it went away, though. Have a wonderful week, my friend!