Monday, February 6, 2012


That was my 1.67 mile run today in the snow. I’m getting better and stronger. YEAH!!! I think it also makes a difference having Mike home. He dropped me off on one side and was there on the other to meet me. I was going to run back but he’s only home for today, back to work tomorrow so didn’t want to spend a lot of time on the trail running when I knew we were going hiking on the mountain bike trails later on.


And I’m off….


And back roasted to death. It was about 25* and I think I dressed for –25*. I did however leave my hat on so I wouldn’t get chilled. I am going to leave the dogs the next time I go. It’s not easy running with them, they want to be close and I step on their leashes enough times you’d think they’d move but … well maybe next time without.

Then Mike and I hiked and took the Mike and me pics I love so much.

100_8738  100_8740

100_8733 100_8739

And when we got back home there was a package for me from ProFlowers. No one sends me flowers, it’s just not something we do here but there on my porch was this box and inside these….


Can you guess who gave them too me? My wonderful son did. He ordered them when he was gone figuring he wouldn’t be here when they arrived. Well he was and that just meant I could cry and say thank you in person. It was so awesome getting them from him.

It was been an awesome 2 days off and now he goes back to work tomorrow but each time it gets just a bit easier. We’ve been talking about school and all that he has to get ready to go and he’ll be busy trying to find room for it all when he drives out the driveway. It’ll work and one day he’ll be a top fabricator/mechanic for some leading manufacture of all things moving.

So now it’s time to do the chores and finish up the day. I hope you all have a great and blessed evening.


Casey said...

You know how they say that the young women should watch to see how a man treats his mom, and that's an indication of how his wife will be treated....Some lucky lady out there is in for a sweet man!
You may not want to hear that, sorry!
You are a special lady, Julie and I love how Mike spoiled you with those flowers. That is so sweet!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

That was so sweet and thoughtful of him. The roses are lovely. You must be one proud mama. :)

Amber said...

What a great run, and such a sweet son!!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Love the pictures! So sweet of him! I would have cried too!

Tim said...

Loving the pictures from the hike :)

Such a thoughtful gift from your son.