Saturday, February 18, 2012

E2E week 7, midway point…

E2E: Emerge Transformed!14 Weeks to a New You!

Well I’m suppose to try on my outfit…That’s not going to happen yet. I’m still up 5 lbs from when we started this challenge however there is 7 weeks left and I will be in this swimming suit and as soon as I think it’ll start to fit right I will show you all.


My weight is back to 180 lbs. That is down 5 lbs from last week. It’s not possible, I know this but just maybe things are turning around and I’m getting back into the swing of things. Or finally I’ve got back into pooping regularly and learning when I can drink water and make the bus runs without feeling like I was going to explode. I know the swelling is down in my legs and hands. I know that my middle isn’t quite so blowed up.

My waist is 38” so it’s shrinking and the rest of me is shrinking also though just slow and steady.

My goals for the E2E challenge was to tone up my body, lose a few more pounds and my most important quest, to learn to run and enjoy it. Well I am toning up my body, working on losing what I gained back and then some more and running, running is awesome.

Today I went to the gym and figured no matter the amount of people I was going to work out and get some strength training done. I was there for better then two hours and ran a 5K in 32:18 minutes, did 15 minutes on the elliptical for a total of 3 miles and then 5 minutes on the bike for a total of 1.5 miles. Then to the free weights and machines for better then an hour.

Today I also signed up for my first 10K. I figured it’s time to add a few more miles to my runs and even if there’s a couple miles of walking mixed in I’m happy.

My quote for running is: "If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. Don't spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it." -Priscilla Welch  And that is what I’m doing, just doing it.

I am still not sure what’s up with me. My body still aches, my mind is still a bit jumbled and my moods just not like usual but I’m working through it. Terri is going to mix up some natural goodness to see if she can help me a bit more with the hormonal stuff and mood issues and also since my body aches could be my Lyme’s acting up she’s got something for that too. I’m game for the natural approach to anything a doctor can give me if at all possible.

I went back to reading … I wasn’t impressed though because I’m not quite as visual as this book wants me to be. Like I’m suppose to have a picture the visualizes my life. Now I do have a picture that I can stare at and find some peace so maybe that’s sorta what she’s talking about. I’ll keep reading and see what’s next.


I am enjoying this book more…But really this is what I want to be doing.


Also, I have 670 miles on last years running shoes so last weekend Jim bought me a new pair. They are just a general running pair until we can go to a running store and I can get fitted and find exactly what I really need but they feel good and right now that’s what counts.

We have 7 weeks left of this challenge. I have 9 weeks left until I turn 50. I will be at my goal weight (170) then, I will be running a full 5K (in 32 minutes or less) by then and I will be healthier then I have been for the past 25 years. That is my goal and I want it really bad so that means it is time to really kick this challenge in the butt. I also want to get whatever it is that’s making me a bit off under control or at least figured out.

I will be checking on all of you in the challenge this week and I hope that you are all doing great. If not if I can help I will, if I can give you a word of advice, a hint, a pat, a kick anything I will. I’m learning, not wise yet, definitely not wealthy but I am learning.

Take care you all and have a blessed weekend.


Betty said...

Wow! 5 lbs! That´s a major loss. So happy for you. I bet you are feeling at least a bit better from that. And the workout at the gym really sounded good. I so wish we would have such gyms here, but we don´t so we have get our exercise in other ways.
Hope you have a good week Julie!

EmptyNester said...

I don't know what's going on here either. I thought that the lbs would fly off when I started the running but it hasn't. However, the inches are moving down and my clothes are looser than they were before I started. So, I'm going with I'm toning the muscles. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL

I've got to get to the running store too. But that's going to be about $200. OUCH.

Maren said...

Good job on the 5lbs! And how great that you've signed up for a 10k, that is so fantastic! I will too, one day! :D

Nanette said...

yes! that -5lbs can totally be repeated... Keep drinking water, keep moving. Your cardio is awesome! Have you been doing any interval training? It's an excellent way to lose weight and tone up! :) You'll get into that suit and rock it come warmer temps!

Shawn said...

Just keep up the good are doing great!
I bought the coconut flour at Sunflower which is a grocery store similar to Whole Foods but Cheaper! Also, you can buy on the Internet.

deanna said...

Wow, great week for you! Congrats. And wow, you are a runner. Keep up the great work. :)

Karen Butler Ogle said...

You are doing great, Julie. Keep doing what you are doing and you will get there. Thanks for coming by all the time with support. I had a much better day today. Maybe I am through the worst of it. I hope to see a lower number on the scale tomorrow. I have lost a lot of water today. Flushing and detoxing, I think. Hang in there, dear. :)

Debsdailylife said...

Youre doing amazing with your running!! You inspire me!!! And YEAH for new shoes!!! Spring in your step!!!
Have a blessed week!

Michele said...

I think it is terrific you are signed in for a 10km. those new shoes look great. Hope that remedy helps. Take care, Julie. Have a great week, and as always thanks for stopping by my blog too!

Chinagirl said...

It's sounds like you are fighting. It doesn't matter how you feel, you just do it. That is awesome! I hope, you will continue to have this strength, that helps you to reach your goal. You can do it!

upinthecosmos said...

I love new shoes! Congrats on the loss and the strides you've made so far in the running, I have no doubt you'll hit those goals of yours in that area cause you are rocking it:-) I'm looking for some fixes for what is throwing me off also... I think I need to get back to focusing, I've lost my focus somewhere.... around the time my mom moved in with all her stuff... I think it got jumbled up in her stuff. She's just got so much stuff... LOL! I'm gonna work it out this week for sure!

S said...

Julie - your determination is awesome. Really, sometimes I am feeling a little unmotivated or blah and will come here for some inspiration. You are always moving forward even when you are writing about feeling stuck or down the attitude is moving "upwards and onwards" - thanks for that and great work!

Angela Pea said...

Joooo-leeeee!!! BIG ole hug for you, my friend! You are a RUNNER!! Not trying, but you really ARE! Honey, you finished 3 miles in about 30 minutes. That's a 10 minute mile. That's as fast as I go on a mountain bike crashing through the woods!!

*sigh*...I don't have a picture up, either. Pure lack of making time to snap a photo. I should toss my phone in my gym bag RIGHT NOW and then remember to take a picture when I'm getting dressed for kettle bell class at noon. I'll go put a sticky on the mirror in the locker room this minute.

Casey said...

Sorry, I've not commented before now, Julie! Haven't had a lot of computer time until this morning!
You are doing great, and your determination shows in your numbers. I'm so proud of you! Email coming soon! :)

AlmostGastricBypass said...

You could stop in and say hello by email once in a while...