Thursday, February 23, 2012

E2E update….

Nothing is the same, everything is the same. How do you explain these feelings is hard or really impossible. It’s not always down or hard but it’s not the opposite either. I know, it’s just weird. I so want green grass, sunshine, warmth and gardens, lawns, dirt, camping lots more. I want to get back to exercising on a regular basis. I want to get on the scale and not worry the ups and downs. I just need to get some of the me back. I would love not to hurt all the time. Be tired. I know it’ll happen but for now I’ll stick with pause, with maintenance  and when the time is right again I’ll know and be there to kick butt.

My update isn’t grand but I’m not quitting, I’m not stopping, I’m not even pausing I’m just going to take it all a day at a time right now. It’ll work out.

I do have some super good news to help. Mike was offered a full time job starting tomorrow until he heads to college in April. He’ll be home every night and will leave when I leave in the morning to drive bus. It’s the best of all worlds. We got to learn a bit about being away and learning. We got to have a week off where Mike was able to help me with daycare and be home and now full time until late mid April. YEAH!!!

The next 7 weeks will be getting Mike ready for college. Time to start packing up things he’ll need to set up house with 3 other students. We really don’t have a list as of yet but I can imagine the normal stuff.

Take care my friends and have a blessed rest of this week.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Julie, I'm sorry you are feeling so off and confused. You know I am there too. It is hard to figure things out sometimes. I'm glad Mike found a job where he can be closer until college starts. I think you both need that. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs.

upinthecosmos said...

it's weird that even with a much milder winter we still get the winter doldrums isn't it?? Congrats to Mike on the job and I hope things start getting back to normal for ya soon!

Maren said...

The sunshine and green grass will come, and hopefully soon. So great that Mike gets to be home! Hugs!

Jo said...

Just last night I told Husband that I have some new arthritis problems. It's not just me, huh? So glad to hear that Mike will be closer for a couple of months. That is probably the best therapy for you. By then, it will be spring and we can get out and smell the fresh air and get some sunshine. Hang in there, friend, some of us are hanging right there beside you.

Shawn said...

Just a thought...Empty Nest Syndrome????

I was there, after my last child was married. My children were (are) my life and I went through a depression, made unwise decisions but came out on the other relatively one piece.
Maybe you already miss Mike, even though he hasn't left. You are seeing a new chapter in your life.
Hang in there. The beauty of the have support!

Michele said...

You know that song from Annie (The sun will come out tomorrow)?. Well it has for you despite feeling blue. Happy for you with Mike close by for a few more weeks.