Saturday, February 4, 2012

4 mile trot…join me?

Since my gym is still packed to the brim so I logged in and went to the trail. Not the same I know as using the machines but I was sweating and happy and loving this instead. So join me as we trot, jog, run and walk 4 miles to Ironton and back.
This morning I woke up to the most beautiful frosted everything. So even if there hadn’t been lots of people at the gym I probably would of taken the trail anyways. I only meet two woman out there and that was near the end. So without anything more, here are some beautiful pictures. Oh before I go, my trot, jog, run, walk for the 4 miles was 54 minutes. I was very happy with that time.
  100_8656 100_8661
These are at home first. I took so many pictures I’m having problems deciding what to show you. So hopefully not to many when done.
 100_8670 0204120817b
And we're off. When I ride these trails I ride to Riverton and back but today since I’m in the snow jogging and such I just went to Ironton.
100_8672 100_8674
 100_8675 100_8678
There’s a lake behind that Portsmouth Mine sign but it’s so foggy and frosty you can’t see even across very well.
 100_8679 100_8687
 100_8681 100_8682
These are my YakTrax that Michele sent me last year. I kept falling last year and so she sent me these. I love them. See the track they make. No slipping on any ice, YEAH!!
100_8680 100_8688
100_8684   100_8685
With and without flash. I love the look of the frost.
 100_8690 100_8691
1/2 way point. Ironton is just past this resting spot.
 100_8692 100_8694
Not to winded, getting red cheeked but sure not cold. Oh the hat, I forgot to tell you guys about my hat. Pam from emptynest made me and my family some hand knitted hats. It was perfect for today. It didn’t fall over my eyes and it was warm without making me die. Thank you again Pam.
100_8693  100_8699
100_8696 100_8697
The sun starting to burn off the fog and frost. It took until noon before it was out fully and there is still some frost on the north side of the trees.

Almost back. The dogs had a blast. Since no one really out with us I let them run with and without their leashes and since both listen very well when we did see the two ladies they came back, hooked up and just ran with me.
So there was my exercise for today. According to my pedometer, 2.84 miles I ran and the rest was walking. I’ll take it especially in the snow.
Next Saturday is my run in the snow for Bloggers’ Healthy Heart weekend hosted by Lori at Finding Radiance. So more practice to go. I’d like to beat my 48 minutes last month.

Tomorrow I’ll do my update for the E2E challenge. It’s not going to be a tip top update but I do have to say being back on track and thinking more is sure looking much better. The scale was kind this morning, we’ll see about tomorrow and the tape measure had enough numbers this weekend.
That’s all folks. Out to help Jim on the coal elevator. He’s almost got it done. I’ll take some pictures this weekend to share next week with you. Blessings to you all. Chatter tomorrow.


deanna said...

Thanks... what a great and fun post... :)

Michele said...

Beautiful winter day! Wonderful pictures ? I love it when we get that kind of frost. We did not have any frost like that, but it was a beautiful clear day! Great for cross county skiing. I did two miles!, so wonderful to be outdoors and enjoy it ? Glad you like the yaktrax. I have nlu worn mineincevthis winter.

Caron said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love seeing the frosty weather. I just hate being out in it. Sigh. You're doing great. :)

Maren said...

Looks like an amazing hike! The snow is so beautiful in pictures, unfortunately I don't like it as much "live". ;)