Thursday, February 9, 2012

Midweek update….

Up until Tuesday evening I was doing great with everything. Exercise was in, book was getting read, food was on plan, I was getting to visit you all and then Wednesday rolled in and so did more work and less time to do the other stuff. I am subbing both am and pm’s which means up and out of the house by 5:30 and not home in the evening until after 6:00. In between of course is daycare and family and what else makes my life run. So the exercise is on the back burner until Saturday which I will still have in 4 days this week but with 3 off in a row it’s hard to get back at it. Food plan is not terrible but since I don’t eat before my run I am starving when I get home so I have breakfast and lunch within 3 hours of each other and then it’s 7+ more hours before the next meal and I hate eating after 7:00. And for reading, heck by time I get into bed at 10:00 I can’t keep my eyes opened so again the book is on hold. However, next week I will be driving all 5 days plus I have an activity on Tuesday so won’t be home until midnight. It’ll work out, just requires extra planning which really is no excuse since I just need to take the time to do it. It’ll all work out, I’ll make it.

My crockpot is getting a workout. It’s so much easier when I get home to put something in there and have it ready when I get home. However Mike is not about to eat soup everyday of the week so that means I need some hearty meals too. Yesterday was spaghetti made with all my garden goodies and whole wheat noodles. So it’s not bad for me but it is higher in carbs then soup. Tonight I put chicken breast in onions and mushrooms on a bed of stuffing (I don’t eat stuffing so that part is good) and I made whole wheat bread from cracked wheat and oat bran. Need to make a salad but can do that when I get home. But as you can see suppers are a bit heavier then they use to be. Breakfast is oatmeal and lunch is usually yogurt with some fruit. And water, well I drink tons between 9 and noon and then from 6-9 but in-between, it’s a ship here and there. I do get really close to a gallon in but I sure do know when I don’t, my head begins to hurt and it takes a couple of days to get back to normal. It’s all adjustment and I bet just as I get all settled and get it together the rules will change again and either I will have a different shift, different daycare or it’ll be summer time and it’ll all be screwy. Oh well, at least I am never, ever bored.

I hope that you all are doing great. I have read some of you are bored out of your minds, others are stuck, others are doing so well that it makes it even harder to keep going because they are doing great and you (really me at times) just get discouraged. Well don’t let it, just keep plugging along because even if the scale hasn’t moved in the last couple of weeks and you’ve been working your butt off, it’ll happen. Everything catches up eventually. I don’t understand why sometimes it’s just like wham bam thank you madam and the weight leaves and other times dynamite wouldn’t even remove it. I have faith in you though, I know that if you keep your nose to the grind stone you will lose what you want, you will tone up, you will maintain, you will succeed!! I know you will!!

Take care you all and I’ll have my E2E weekly update ready sometime this weekend. May the good Lord bless and keep you all safe.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great update, Julie. It sounds like you have a full place right now with your bus runs and day care. I couldn't keep up with your pace. It is bound to affect your plan to have so much going on but it sounds as though you are handling it admirably. Hang in there. You will be in my thoughts. :)

deanna said...

You are busy... don't forget to breath.

The Ninja said...

No joke, take a breath lady, you are busier than me!

I also love my crock pot. I ahve two of them now and will often do two meals at once, one for that day and one to freeze for another meal when i don't have time to cook.

I hope you find some time to read, I find that it helps me to center and find my balance when I make time to read and relax.


Jill said...

Get some rest lady! Your body needs to recover :-)I think your doing great, just do your best and forget the rest. Have a great week!


Angela Pea said...

LOL! Me too. Between work, husband, kids, church, clients, teaching, exercise, homekeeping and fun, I spend most of my days running around like a chicken with my head cut off. You are absolutlely right, Julie, it really DOES work out, every single day! It all gets done and we're all happy and healthy.

I just carry my book around with me, along with my knitting. I need them - they're my security blankets! Whenever I have a few minutes (or NEED a few minutes to center my spinning head) I'll read or knit a few rows.

Big hugs to you and abundant Grace!

Jo said...

Julie, please slow down, you are making my head spin! Do not apologize for anything. You're doing great to just keep up with yourself. Hugs!

Casey said...

Hope you have time to catch your breath this weekend! I'll try to send you a longer email tomorrow! :)deflyish

EmptyNester said...

You wouldn't know if you're bored or not. You don't have time to notice. LOL

Cee said...

Just reading about your busy life made me want a nap! Hope you get a chance to rest over the weekend! I love the crockpot, I need to use it more often.

RD said...

It's hard to do everything. Don't you just wish you had a clone sometimes? I know I do. lol
I hope the rest of your week goes great.

Maren said...

Make sure you find some time to breath in between all your running around!! :D