Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mike’s home….


So at 10:00 Friday night, Jim and I drove down to Salk Centre to pick up Mike. Now we were suppose to wait until Mike was 2 hours from our pick up point but Jim just couldn’t wait any longer so we headed out. Jim was asleep before I got to Deerwood (we live 7 miles from there) and slept until 2:00am when I woke him up to get gas and go potty. It took me 2 hours to get there so for 2+ hours I sat and looked out the window waiting and waiting and texting Mike seeing how close they were. Mike was riding home with a friend and then will fly back home next Saturday. He finally came in at 2:30 and I was so happy to see him and Jim, well Jim hadn’t seen him since he left and well we’ll just say Jim is very happy Mike is home. Both guys talked about 1/2 the way home and then it was very, very quiet again. It was a super long day but I have Mike home, I’m so happy.


Saturday am I had a craft show (on 2 hours of sleep for me) but I just couldn’t wake up sleeping beauty so I left him. Our craft show was great, the weather was awesome and we made enough money that we could go out for breakfast this morning.

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So today we went to Nisswa for breakfast. Did some grocery shopping and also looked at some furniture (not to buy, just to relax in while Jim looked at tools).

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Now tomorrow I work for the bus garage and Mike is going to do daycare for me. There’s just Anton and he’s my mini Mike and they get along so well. They are going to come in and have lunch with me and then Mike has some banking, insurance and visiting to do. Tuesday, we are going to Valley Fair. A day of being together, riding amusement rides, walking until our legs fall off and being together.

This time is going to go by just too fast but it’s life and Mike is doing so great in school and enjoying it to boot so for that I’m also excited for him. His grade point average is anywhere’s from 87-93% so he’d doing wonderfully and he’s been contacted by a Minnesota big equipment company that is interested in him. He has a big and bright future.

So there you have his first full day home. You know I’ll have lots more to share.

Take care and have a blessed evening!


Baby Sister said...

Yay!! I'm glad he made it safely. :)

Caron said...

Great! Enjoy your time with Mike. :)

Kody at Skinny Sized said...

OH COOOL!!! My husband is from not too far from Valley Fair. He is from Rosemount, MN and my stepdaughter lives in Shakopee, MN we visit every year!!

Angela Pea said...

Happy Dance!!! Enjoy having him home for a while.

upinthecosmos said...

Yay, so happy for you to have your time with your son. Sounds like some fun is being had and that's awesome that he's being recruited!