Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And the winners are…

Anton did our drawing today. Oh I know I could do the random do-hickey but having the kids do it, well I like it better.
 100_0053 100_0054 100_0055
1                         2                                 3
100_0056 100_0057
This is really cool. Since Deb is getting prize two and three I get to give her the grand prize. I appreciate all of you that did this 5K with me. If the winners will send me their addresses I will make sure there’s something in your mailbox in the next couple of week or so.
Take care my friends. Thank you again for joining me in my quest to get healthy. Blessings!!
P.S. Thank you Deb for helping me with the prizes. I think that was totally awesome and so appreciated!!!


Debsdailylife said...

AWE!! Thankyou Anton and Julie!! How kind!!

Jo said...

Hey, give that man Anton a BIG hug from me!! How nice of you, Julie.

Ronalee said...

Congrats ladies !!

deanna said...

I found it! Wow, Thank You! :)