Sunday, July 29, 2012

SSDC - Week 8 Update and meeting a fellow blogger..

So our challenge was for the week to do something we feared. Well I was thinking all week about what I would do and I just didn’t come up with anything until I got to thinking I’d have to tell you I failed but I didn’t, I think what I’m going to tell you about is not a fail at all.

So what do you think I did, well there is something I really hate to do and I avoid it almost all the time but this past weekend I did something with someone very special. I went for a 12 mile bike ride with Michele. We also went for a hike which was awesome because we went to Minnehaha Falls, a place I have never been too and found to be a beautiful place. I have to share pictures but first I want you to see the bike I got to ride. Michele brought it special from her cabin in Wisc. Here at home I ride a man’s mountain bike. It was what was on sale about 20 years ago and I have ridden it for years and though I hate it, it is what I have. Well when I no longer have so many bills and Mike is done in college I am buying myself a bike like this one. This bike was awesome, easy to pedal and I didn’t even fall off or get hurt.


So while I’m telling you about this I’m going to share a few pictures. I live about 120 miles north of Michele and last year Michele drove up here to visit me so it was my turn to go visit her and see what her part of our beautiful state we live in. Now I expected lots of people and really there were but not in the sense I was expecting. Really I didn’t know for sure what I was thinking but it really was an excellent adventure.

  100_0023  100_0027

This is Minnehaha Falls. It was serene and beautiful and the people, my goodness the people were so fun to watch and to see others enjoying the outdoors like we did, well I was pleasantly surprise. Like I said I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but this was most excellent. I come from tiny towns with all of us outdoors but when we are outside there’s 1 person for every mile or two. Down there, there’s a person for every 100’.

100_0039 100_0033

After riding to the falls we hike along side the stream and enjoy the flowers and trees and each other.


On the way back to Michele home I had to stop and take a pictures of this bunny. Michele says they decorate it for each holiday. I would love to see that.

So I did a few things I have never done before. I drove into the cities and went and visited someone by myself. I went for a 12 miles bike ride on a new to me bike and enjoyed it. I ate 2 fish taco’s and they were pretty good (not something I would have ever ordered if left on my own). So for this week’s challenge I passed.

Next week is a no sugar and no snacking after dinner week. I can do the no snacking after dinner, that’s something I don’t do now. The no sugar, hummmmm, well I’ll give it my best. With daycare it’s hard no to have snacks at snack time. I’ll stick with fruit and hope I can forgo the sweets.

A new week to try and do our best and become the healthiest we can. Good luck everyone. Onward and upwards (or really downwards on the scale). Blessings to you all!!


Jo said...


Ronalee said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I am proud of you. Well done my friend.

Rochelle said...

Julie - I love the fact that you and Michele were able to get together for the bike ride and what sounds like a lovely visit. It makes me wonder if any fellow bloggers live in my remote neck of the woods???
I would definitely say you passed the challenge this week with flying colors - you did some things that took you out of your comfort zone and that is what it's all about. Nice job!!!
I hope you have a great week ahead. I know the no sugar thing is a tough one. I don;t have kiddies around me to tempt me so I bet you will face many hurdles this week. Keep that fruit handy!! Have a wonderful week!

Kyra said...

That's a BIG bunny!

Kody at Skinny Sized said...

I love Minnehaha Falls!! I didn't get there this spring while visiting, but I will next summer. It's so beautiful and peaceful. My husband is from Rosemount, MN and his daughter lives in Shakopee so we are there ... a lot (too often) ;0) Congrats on your ride how fun!!

Betty WSch. said...

Sounds like a great outing you had with your friend. I know if I lived in such a beautiful area I'd be out there too.
Have a great week Julie! Blessings!

S said...

That's great to connect with a friend like that - your pics are beautiful.

Michele said...

This was such a beautiful post, Julie ! I am so glad that you now know that you can ride and comfortably. It was so good o see you and ride to the falls. Now I will think of you every time I go there. Have a good night my friend!

Shannon said...

I love this post!! What a great day! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos!

Baby Sister said...

Looks like a beautiful trip!!