Monday, July 30, 2012

Did you Take your Pants for a Walk?

WOW!!! You guys were fantastic. WOW!!! Really. There was hiking, biking, walking and running. There was times that made a rabbit jealous, distance that were awesome and planning on how they’d get it done, well an architect would be amazed. I am so very proud of you all.
So who did this with me….well please don’t be mad if I forgot you because I’m trying my hardest to not forget anyone (if I did forget you, please tell me and I’ll add your name/blog).
A couple of you signed up but never got back to me if you completed so I’m not going to include you in my prize drawing. I will wait until Tuesday to draw a name to give you a chance to tell us how/what you did.
I am very proud of you all. I am so sure that Rochelle is too because you signed up and completed what you said you would do.
Now something extra great. Deb has offered to add a couple of prizes to this too so that means we’ll have 1 grand prize that I have and she’ll have 2 smaller prizes to send to some lucky ladies. Isn’t that awesome!!!!?!!!! Thank you Deb. So on Tuesday or Wednesday I will announce who wins a prize and everyone won a place in getting healthy and moving your butt!
Thanks everyone for joining me. It is so much fun hearing from you and learning from you and well just being part of your getting healthy. It has helped me so much.
Take care and have a great week. Blessings!!!


Angela Pea said...

Hi Julie!

Actually, I took my pants for a ride, along with the entire Pea Family's pants! We rode in the Tour de Cure - 32 miles. It was Amazing!


Rochelle said...

So sorry - I realized that I wrote what I did on my own blog but maybe didn't send the info to you. I completed FOUR 5Ks last week - including 3 walking ones and biking the other. Thanks for hosting this virtual 5K challenge! Glad it was so successful!

Betty WSch. said...

Awesome ladies!!

S said...

5km bike ride, around town. Great after work relaxation.

gracies tough journey said...

Amazing job everyone. Keep up the great walks. God Bless. Gracie