Sunday, July 1, 2012

I said I’d be back…

And I am. I said after I got over leaving Mike in Wyoming, over the fact I didn’t get to pick my daycare end date, the flooding in my parents house and all around us, I’d get back to the challenge I started. I do have some catching up to do on the SSSDC

For my 5 miles a day for June the rule was to walk/run/jog/hike 20 out of 30 days. I did awesome and I logged 26 out of the 30 days and each day was 5-7 miles and some days more but never less then 5.  I have logged in more miles in June then I had the rest of the months so far. I want to thank Deanna for this challenge. It really was terrific to be able to share and read and learn and more from everyone that joined this challenge. Now Deanna has another challenge going it’s called Try Something New. You try a new recipe, you post about it and others can try it too and enjoy. This weeks theme is Red White and Blue. Now I have an idea but have to work on the details. You see I’m not to much for following recipes to the “T” and I need to write down what I do so that I can share it with you. I shared some recipes earlier this week of things I most love and hope that some of you were able to try them out or at least drool over them a little.

Now for the My Current ChallengesI am behind two weeks. One of those week was to try a new exercise and I was going to work on stretching the Deanna told me about. She wrote a full post called for Julie and video on what and how to do it so this will be that weeks exercise. Another week was the water week, 100 oz a day. I don’t have a problem with that but I will make sure by filling up my gallon jug each morning and making sure it’s empty before I go to bed. I did the recipe part of the challenge this week and now next week is to lose 2 pounds. Since I’m not using the scale for the summer I won’t be able to check that out exactly but I do know that I have planned this week well by the groceries I bought today. Want to see a sneak peak into some of them? Well here they are…..

 101_9726 101_9727

This is my new to try snack. Peanut spread with no calories, no fat, no nothing (also I am sure not the most nutritional either but if it tastes half way decent and I can have a couple crackers with the spread on it, all for only 20 calories and 5 grams of fat, well it’s worth a try).

101_9730 101_9731

This yogurt is gross. Yep I tried it, it taste like sour cream and I don’t like sour cream so to make it taste better (I hope), I will add some fruit to it. I did just make some Jell-O and added strawberries to it for the kids. It didn’t taste bad in the taste test but we’ll see. I have enough salad for the kids and I at least 4 days worth plus the radishes are almost ready to pick in the garden and there’s more fresh lettuce ready at the neighbors (that we still will need a boat to go and pick).

101_9732 101_9728

My fruits for the week. Well there’s corn in that picture too. I know to limit my fruits but with 6 kids here each day I’ll be luck if I get a cup or so from each. And the juice, it’s mine, only mine!!! the kids have milk and Kool-Aid.


And look what I’m putting on the grill for our 4th of July dinner. They are 180 calories, 12 fats and 4 carbs so really if I have them and my fruit and a veggie salad, I think it’ll be an excellent dinner and healthy to boot. I do need some more meat in my week so have some chicken breasts I’ll grill up to eat later on. I so would love a steak but they are just a tad to expensive after buying all the other tasty goodness so maybe later on.

So I’m back to getting up at 5:45, going for a walk and then trying the new stretches when I get home. I’ll have time to do them all and shower as long as I’m up and out of here at 6:00. I would like to get 3-5 miles in the morning done and again in the evening. I have been thinking about starting the C25K program. I think I can start to run again. I’ll just be careful and listen to my body. The program starts out slow and easy so that’s also going to be part of my new exercise for the week I missed.

I am sorry I sorta didn’t do what I promised to do but I’m back and I will give it my all this week to lose some weight, to get some flexibility and to eat well.

Good luck everyone. This is an awesome week to pay tribute for all that week have. It’s always a wonderful time to be with family and friends. We are going to be inviting our friends over for a BBQ.

Take care and God Bless!!





Angela Pea said...

Hey Julie!

Glad you're back. I LOVE Greek Yogurt, but you are right, it takes some getting used to when you first start eating it! Try stirring in some honey and a dash of vanilla or a tablespoon of jam to make it go down easier. I also like to stir in granola or other cereal like grape nuts.

Your pictures from your visit were so pretty - what a wonderful place for Mike to get to live!

Have a wonderful, wonderful week.

Michele said...

I love those WASA crackers. We eat them all the time. My favorites are the multi grain.I love the crunch!

I do like Greek yogurt, although I prefer Fage. I buy it by the liter size and mix it with frozen fruit for smoothies. I blend them in the blender actually to get them nice and smooth. My hubby loves them, too.

Be careful with starting up running. I know you love it, but it sure seems to beat up your body. I could never run anymore, not that I ever did.

We read in the paper yesterday about the floods in Aiken. Most people do not know anything about them. I hope the waters are receding and your parents are drying out. It is hard to lose your personal things that way.

Have a great Fourth!

upinthecosmos said...

looks like some good eating is going on at your place this week! I stocked up on some veggies myself cause this is my week to get back to it! Great work on the miles for June!!