Sunday, July 8, 2012

To lie or not to lie… Week 5 of SSDC…

My Current Challenges

Really I have no intentions of lying. That’s not me but I will also say that this week was not tip top for me. I did get in 10 miles of walking/jogging. I did do some new to me stretches (not the ball yet Deanna), I did drink over 100 oz every single day. I did eat more veggies then fruit but I did eat a bit more bread and homemade chicken strips. I did not track even one single day. I did eat way over my allotment of calories just about every single day and I know very well I did not lose any weight even if I was standing on the scale.

We are about 1/2 way done with this challenge and I haven’t been giving it a fair shake. I always start out so well and then it seems with each passing challenge I peter out. I don’t mean too, it just seems that life gets in the way. Try as I may I can not get enough exercise in to lose any more weight. Try as I may I can’t fix a decent meal except for daycare type meals and we all know they get to eat lots more calories then I do. Try as I may I am just not doing this right.  But I’m not a quitter and I plan on seeing this challenge to the end and in better shape then I started. So that means I have 7 weeks to get my act together. Our challenge this week is no meat, be a vegetarian. Well since I had no $$ for meat this week except a chicken breast to make Jim a cold salad I don’t think that will be to hard. I will do dairy however and also eggs but the rest of the meat, well I should be able to rock this week.

So my personal goals for the week.

1. Walk/run 20 miles, do Week 2, Days 2,3,4 of C25K.

2. Stretch after each walk/run. And do the ball so I can tell Deanna what it was like for me.

3. Track every single thing I eat and stay under 1500 calories a day (preferable 1300 though myfitnesspal says more).

4. Drink 100 plus oz of water a week.

5. Skip all meats. Also tried grill fruit for a different challenge I’m part of.

6. Stop by and see everyone that checks in this week and also my regulars who keep track of me too.

7. Make this a tip top week!

Monday evening is a big scout meeting, Tuesday is working at my parents, Wednesday I need to mow, Thursday I need to till the garden, Friday back at my parents again, Saturday AM maybe if lucky can move some furniture around to get more work done at my parents and back to Sunday, a day to rest, relax and get my shopping and house work done. And in-between all of this, 50 hours of daycare with 6 kids each day. I’m no slacker in the move my butt department just not to good in the move my butt lose the weight and tone up the flab departments. I’ll try, I’ll keep working at it.

I hope you all had a great week, had an awesome weekend and now a blessed week to come. Take care.


Caron said...

I hope you meet your goals and have a super week. Hang in there. :)

Baby Sister said...

You've had a rough go of things with all that's been going on, so don't be too hard on yourself. Good luck this next week!!

Rochelle said...

Julie - I know you try super hard! You are a hard worker - sometimes losing weight is just really difficult and it takes more than we can give. But you just keep trucking along and it will happen! You have made such great progress. Hopefully this week will be a good experience for you. I am actually excited to go vegetarian for a week - I think this may be a good boost for me this week too. Best of luck this week! Rock it like I know you can!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I know that not meeting all your goals can be frustrating, but just think about all you did do! I hope this week goes well - it sounds like a busy one.

Betty WSch. said...

I thought I had commented here, but it seems I didn't.
I am doing the same as you. I start out strong, but then I dwindle as the week goes on. Last week I was too busy to focus, but this week we will show them all! OK??
Good luck!

Michele said...

I know you are not a quitter. I know you can do this. I know this week can be better than last. Try not to be so hard on yourself. It will come off, it just takes time. I have been at this 2 years and I am only half way there. Wishing you a great week 6!!

upinthecosmos said...

You are one busy lady that is for sure! I'm always amazed you get the miles in that you do but kudos to you for doing so. Here's to hoping you find some balance so that you can get in that healthy eating also:-)

PlumPetals said...

Hope it's a tip top week for you :)