Friday, July 27, 2012

Today’s the day….

Web walking-blue-pants_300

For my Take Your Pants for a Walk 5K challenge….however, if you tell me before Sunday evening that you did it, even over the weekend, I won’t mind a bit. I won’t have time to write up a post until Monday anyways, so if you want too, please join me and a bunch of awesome people getting off your butts and just moving. Remember you don’t have to run or bike or hike or walk or jog, well really you have to do one of those but it’s not timed, it’s just for Rochelle’s challenge of signing up for a 5k and doing it and for just you, to get happy, healthy and feeling good.

I am done on the computer for until Monday. I’ll do an update then and also tell you how everyone did for the 5k. I do have to apologize to Deanna for not getting in a recipe this week. I will try and do both next week. I just haven’t had a moment to really do any cooking/baking other then what’s required to feed 6 kids 3 times a day and they have their favorites so we stick with them.

Blessings everyone. Have an awesome weekend. I’m heading down to see Michele tomorrow, E.Jane is sick so won’t be joining us this visit but maybe again in the future. Sunday is family day. Take care my friends!!


Jo said...

Hey Julie! I did my 5K this morning and will do a post about it by Monday. Fun!

deanna said...

Well no need to apologize to me. I was late getting mine in too, but I see you did try a new recipe this week and I added to my blog today... You did great in our little challenge. That was the last one for bit. You did notice it was just you and I ... Lol. I am just not good at promoting challenges I guess.
I will be out of the blogging thing for one more week, then i will be back and ready to work hard, so if you find any challenges this week let me know! Have a great week.

Ronalee said...

Finished my 5k in record time 29:45
working on my blog post. Tried to email you, but it keeps getting bounced.