Thursday, July 26, 2012

No more corn!

Nope, last nights storm took it all. The night before that only one row but now it’s gone.


It’s a short root crop and can’t just be stood back up or even stacked up, so no corn for us this year.

The wind only bent the tomatoes, I think they’ll be okay.

100_0015 100_0012

The same for my peppers. At least it didn’t hurt the most health ones.


Plus we got more rain.


With Tuesdays rain and last nights we have had just about 3”. It will make the grass grow more (and by time I get to mowing it when it dries out some it’ll be almost tall enough to bale and it was just 5 days ago I mowed) and the weeds in the garden (I better till it again).

What can a person do, nothing at all. Just save what we can and process what we can and hope that others did better and exchange fruits of our labors when we all get enough.

Today I have just 3 wee ones and we are going to Kim’s to get her boy scout donation things and then go to the park. I am hoping it dries out some before we go though otherwise they’ll get pretty wet. Tonight I go help set up for the garage sale. I have picked up goodies from 4 families so have a suburban filled up. A good couple hundred bucks of stuff in there for them to sell.

I need a vacation, nothing in the future is planned but I still need a vacation. Jim is the only one at the store that makes hydraulic hoses and since we are in the middle of some big machines and farms and trucks we just can’t pack up and leave for a few days so no vacation is planned. Oh well that is life of a small business owner. Just like my daycare, you just can’t close the doors and go anywhere’s, I have 3 families that need me here. Oh I did take two days off when Mike is home the end of August but not in a row so easier for them to deal with. Just a Tuesday to take Mike and Scott to Valley Fair and then Friday for Mike and I to spend the day hiking and talking.

Okay, kids are due, time to fix breakfast and see where the day leads us. Take care my friends and have an awesome day. Blessings!!


Kyra said...

We're trying to pat ours back into the ground. Are you sure you can't try to put them back up? (corn)

Jill said...

Hi Julie!

So sorry to hear about your corn, I pray the rest of your harvest will pull through ok. We are getting a bad storm now where I live as I type this. We desperately need the rain though. We didnt get a chance to plant our garden this year but now I'm thinking that may have been a good thing with so little rain.
Wishing you the best and hope you are doing well!


Debsdailylife said...

This has been such a weird year for weather!! Its like, when it rains it pours, when it snows it dumps, when its hot its HOT, etc.... Everything is so intense!!! We had a local AMish lady who was struck by lightening and killed. Such wild storms!!!

S said...

Gosh Julie - I'm sorry to hear about the garden. I hope there is a good crop from the rest.

Weather is so worrisome this year - where I am - we need rain (and last year was the rainiest non-summer summer I can remember)

Baby Sister said...

Oh that's so sad about your corn. :( Almost all of my mom's tomatoes got a virus this year...nothing to do but throw them away. And it was too late to plant after that. So our garden is very minimal. So sad!! I'm glad most of your garden survived.