Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ideas for our Crayola party…

Kim has me hooked on Pinterest. I haven’t a clue how to start pinning or anything like that but I just send me the idea and keep it in an idea folder. It works for now or at least until I take the time to learn to pin.

Anyways, if anyone has ideas for our party I would love some ideas. So far we are going to make this but in smaller forms…

Melted RAINBOW Crayon Canvas!


If you like this too just click on the picture (on all the crafts I’ve added today) and it’ll take you to the how too.

Yard Gazing Balls

We are also going to do some tie dying and making crayons in molds.

Here’s for another day….maybe….

Fairy Dust…

This is so cool, it’s made with a glow stick and glitter.

Cool snack idea…for happy faces at the end of our day…

apple smiles

So the ideas are starting. I have until the 24th it get it together and ready and then we’ll have a great day creating.

Here’s something I have to share with you.


What better reason to do something special for my wee ones.

Okay, I have lots more pictures to share but I need to get outside (even though it’s 93* with a heat index of 110*. Got some garbage to take care of, chickens to water and feed, cooler to put away and I’m sure other stuff too.

Hope you all are having a super 4th. It’s really quiet here without Mike taking me places. I missed the parade and pretty sure the fireworks tonight unless I go alone and really…….what fun is that?

Anyways, take care and have a blessed evening.

P.S. Went for a quick drive this morning to check out neighbors, well they still have to take their boats home. Here’s just a couple pictures I took.

101_9808 101_9805

101_9806 101_9807

Keep praying people. Have you been listening to the new from the west and east? WOW, our country needs our prayers. They have mine, daily and sometimes hourly.


Angela Pea said...

I am TOTALLY making the fairy dust!! Um yeah. And I don't have any little ones at home, not even visitors. ;)

The crayon pictures - especially the flower one - are so cool. How fun will it be to melt crayons?!

upinthecosmos said...

Oh my, I'm in on the fairy dust too & my little ones are only the voices within;-) The crayon art is awesome, love that! Looks like things are getting better in your neck of the woods, as I hope that they do for everyone's cause things are getting crazy weather wise around the globe!

Pam Lofton said...

So much AWESOMENESS! I know what I'm making DoodleBug for her birthday!!!

Baby Sister said...

If I find anything I'll let you know. Looks like fun!! I love Pinterest. :)