Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 1 Day 1…and flooding…

I did it! I was up at 5:50 (I did hit the snooze once), out the door at 6:00 and completed the first day by 6:30. I didn’t stop there however because I am use to moving my butt for 45-60 minutes when I walk/jog so I traded dogs and went for another 2 miles jaunt but with funny walking. I did backwards, side ways, big steps, bigger steps, more backwards along with some jogging. When I got back you could of wrung me out and got a few quarts of sweat. I LOVE THAT FEELING!!!! To me it’s a sign that I just burned a bunch of calories and got some of those nasty toxins out.

For my stretching I did do about 15 minutes of it. No Deanna I didn’t do the ball yet, I was so sweaty I didn’t want to lay on the floor and spread that around. I’ll do that tonight before I head out for a gentle walk with my dad. Daddy loves to walk with me too but he’s a tad slower then I need for exercise so I do my stuff either first or earlier and then pick him up. Today my am is done so my pm will be a long slow walk. Daddy loves to walk and he’s good for a good 3-4 miles.

I wanted to share a few more flood pictures with you all. According to Michele, no one even knows what happened in our area. Lots heard about Jay Cooke and Hwy 169 disappearing, the Duluth Zoo losing some animals but south of there it’s like we don’t exist. Yesterday Jim and I took a drive and I thought it was bad here but out and about it’s worse. My parents basement is salvageable lots of the homes we saw aren’t. Please pray for all the flood victims up here. One of my bus families can’t even go home, they have 9’ of water around their home. Another one of my bus families have to take a canoe to get to their front door and their basement is a 6’ swimming pool. There will be no first, second or third crops of hay for tons of farmers, there isn’t any corn or soybeans or wheat or barely that survived. Farmers are helping farmers buy sharing grazing land because you can’t keep cattle on wet land without hoof rot or more. I didn’t get many photo’s, just a couple but enough for you to understand.

0620121730a 100_0652

Lots of roads look like this. The water came across them so fast they took the culverts out. This is our pasture and fence line.

100_0658 100_0661

Our neighbors There are two docks in this picture, both are 4-6’ under water.

100_0670 100_0683

One of the roads we past over yesterday. My dads cat still very wet.

 100_0689 100_0703

There is a golf cart here, that’s the green seats you see, the yellow on the right, it’s a cub cadet lawnmower. This is our east end of town and across the road is worse but those pictures didn’t turn out.

100_0705 100_0707

This is one of the farms. If you look at the second picture, in the background are the cows.

0620121721b IMAGE021

More roads and more pasture under water.


And this is my daddy trying to tie down the pontoon, paddle boat and save the ice-fishing house.

So you see, still tons of water. I took pictures of mama and daddy’s house but I’m not sure they want to share that heartache but just imagine 40 years of living in a house and your daughter being mean and making you get rid of so much because she knows you can’t keep it because it’s wet, because it’s going to mold and because it already is molding. It was so hard being mean and making them get rid of so much stuff they cherished but what could I do? I’ll make sure when we make the basement livable again that the stuff they got to keep is out in plain sight and where they can touch and feel and still enjoy. IT WAS HARD!!! I felt terrible.

So a prayer for all people that are dealing with destruction. Heck, we still have all the water and Colorado needs it so much. Pray for them too. Mike is in Laramie and can see the fire each day (well the smoke) and it just keeps getting thicker and thicker. I know we all have our hands full of something or another but today just stop and pray for these people.

I’m off to fix breakfast for my 6 wee ones. It’s already 80* and sunny so I am expecting some time in the pool and water play and then an after craft for the 4th of July. Not sure what yet, I didn’t plan that far ahead (stupid me, I know….I usually have everything ready for them. Oh well).

Take care my friends and have an awesome day. Blessings to you all.

Dear Heavenly Father, you know that I am terrible at praying but I am so much better at just talking to you so here I am this morning sharing my prayer with everyone so that they too can either just copy me and you’ll hear and understand or at least give them an idea to just talk to you about all that’s going on. You know about all the flooding and all the heartaches. You know about all the fires and people without homes. You know about out east the heat wave and so many without power. The thing I am asking of you is to just keep them safe. Help them know that even though this has happened that you are there to hold them up, help them along and be there when they need you. Just always do their best and let you do the rest. We just have to trust in you Lord and though it’s hard we know that you will help, you will hold us up and you will take care of us all. Thank you for being such a great source of love. We need that today and always. I’ll be talking to you later on my dear Lord but for now my wee ones need me. I love you and thank you for another day to try and be the best Julie I can be. Amen.


deanna said...

praying, praying, praying. :(

ps. I love that you are stretching. is it helping your legs?

Kody at Skinny Sized said...

WOW Prayers sent! Water can be a very scary and destructive thing!!

Baby Sister said...

That is so much water...I'll pray that your water subsides and that Utah and CO can have some rain.

Shawn said...

Oh my goodness, I have been so worried about Colorado, I didn't realize you had a flood! Prayers being lifted for you and your folks! Take care!

Michele said...

Glad you helped others to know about the flood in your area. I wish we could ship to CO, too. Hope you weathered last night's storm okay. have a great fourth!

Carolyn said...

WOW Julie I haven't been here in a long time but what an inspiration you are!!

Shannon said...

Positive thoughts and prayers going up!