Monday, July 9, 2012

A wedding….

I’m not sure if any of you know about Mr.. Rabbit, Mr.. Monkey, Space Monkey and baby monkey. A long time ago I made a daycare friend from New York when I really needed someone that knew something about my new adventure. Her name is Sally and she has become such a sweet dear friend. This is the same lady who flew from New York to Minnesota to watch my son graduate from high school and spend a week here helping with a grad party, meeting my great friends here and just plain being ms. wonderful. Anyways, she had a stuffed animal named Mr.. Rabbit that they would take on trips and have people take pictures with him and hear of the great adventure he’s been on. Well he came to visit us a couple of years ago and he brought along Mr.. Space Monkey. While here they meet Mr.. Monkey and his baby brother. Well this past spring there was a horrible accident with a puppy and a thunderstorm and baby brother monkey went to the north side of those thunderstorms.

The original picture April 2010:


But the story goes on….the story I am sending with the animals to Sally this week:

And the friendship continues…2012…

So we all know that life has lots of twist and turns and sometimes it’s not quite what we expect. Well this past summer Mr.. Monkey lost his brother to an accident and all the pals have been very sad. But like all sadness we learn to move forward and though it takes time sometimes great things come from that and so……the story continues…..

Mr.. Monkey has been sad, very sad so he decided one day to go and spend some time at the local artesian museum. He loves all the colors and different medians that are used there. As he’s walking along he comes up to this beautiful lady drawing a family. He sits and watches her all afternoon work on this portrait and is just amazed that a person can draw that wonderfully. As she’s drawing they begin to chat a bit. He asks her, her name and she says in the most musical way “I’m Kat”. Oh my you should of felt his stomach flutter, her name is as beautiful as she is. They get to know each other a bit and she finished up the portrait she was working on and asks if he would like her to draw him. Oh course, it’s another way to spend some more time with her.

They spend a few days together checking out the other artesian in the area and on their walk home late one night Mr.. Monkey pop the questions. He just couldn’t wait any longer you know. “Kat,” he says, “I love you so much will you marry me?” Kat is quiet for just a little bit, Mr.. Monkey’s heart is just holding it’s breath and she says …. You know in that musical way she talks, “Of course I will, I love you too!!!”

So today, it’s July 9th just before noon, we have a wedding. It’s a beautiful wedding and Mr.. Monkey and Kat have asked all their favorite kids to help them plan and prepare and at 10:00 they got married.

Please enjoy our wedding with us. We are sorry you live so far away but am so happy to be spending our first part of life with you. Mr.. Rabbit is healing and enjoying all the attention Kat is giving him and Mr.. Space Monkey, well he’s just so excited to have another monkey in the group.

So without further a due, please let me introduce Mr.. Monkey and Kat and their wedding.


Mr.. Monkey and his best man


Kat and her matron of honor getting ready


The Rings


Dearly beloved….


You may kiss the bride….


We are please to announce



Grandma catching tth bride’s bouquet…




And the picture that started it all.


I hope you enjoyed our story. We have had a great time in Minnesota, even with the sad times that sometimes comes along with great times. We are excited to be heading to New York to spend time with our friends out there.


Goodbye Rachel, Abby, Anton, Alex, Ron, Aiden and Joss, and also goodbye grandpa and grandma apes.


Hello Ms. Sally and everyone, were here to have fun and see what life has happening in your part of the county.

See what a little imagination and a bunch of kids and one daycare mama can come up with. Pretty darn cool if you ask me and just so you know, I cried at this wedding too. Heck who wouldn’t?

Blessings my friends!


Rochelle said...

Great and touching story, Julie! I love the fact that the drawing of the monkey shows him with a Nascar shirt! That is adorable.

PlumPetals said...

So cute!!

Baby Sister said...

That is so fun and cute. :) Kids can be so much fun sometimes.

The Ninja said...

Aww, that's great. My girls Lalaloopsy dolls get married at least once a week. But there's less of a romantic story and more of a focus on the reception party and cake.