Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Remember this?

Running goal for 2012

And my partners?

Ladies, I wanted to see how you were doing. Remember running wasn’t the main goal, it’s just getting out there and moving your butts.

We are officially past the 6 way point and you should have about 325 miles under your belt. I have 553.6 miles did and done and am happy about that. Not as happy as I could of been if it was all running like I truly wanted but I have just over 300 miles of running/jogging/trotting and the rest is walking. I am now working again on the C25K program and today finished Week 1 Day 2 and all went pretty good. My leg still gives me fits but I have found on the walk parts of the program if I walk backwards for a bit and then do some major lunges it seems to help some. I don’t understand the pain but for now am just going to push a little bit and see if I can get these muscles and whatever it is that screams to just relax and enjoy this.

I have a 5K that I want to run/jog/trot in October. Last year I blew it by pushing and screwing things up and hurting for the whole winter. This year I will train longer, take better care of my body and hopefully be ready to really run a 5K. It’s time. It’s also time to be able to do more, I’ve been working on this for 2 years and I am sure it hasn’t taken anyone this long to learn to run. There can not be anyone as slow as me, there just can’t be. But I’m not anyone and I am going to do it, but the right way with proper form, proper shoes, proper stretching and listening to my body all the say.

So my friends, how’s it going?

Want to see my most hated hill in the whole wide world? Well at least on my road that is….


I want to run up this hill, at full speed and be able to breath when I get to the top, be able to keep going when I’m up there. I will do this, it’s in my plans (I know, best laid plans of mice and men don’t always work, out but I’m trying).

Here’s on more picture I had to share. Wilbur and Scout are my walk/jogging partners and Wilbur hates the running part but hate staying home more then not so I took him today and when we got back I had to shower and he had to do this….


Take care my friends and have an awesome day. A day to do something healthy, to eat just one less treat, a day to think just about you. Take a minute and do that, think what you want for the day and always remember this….

Just for today, I will stay on my diet;
Just for today, I will answer the call;
Just for today, I will drink all my water;
Just for today, I will give it my all!!


P.S. We got 2 more inches of rain last night. UGH!!!!


deanna said...

You sure can tackle a challenge. You Rock!

Shannon said...

The picture of Wilbur is adorable!

Oh, and good luck with that hill! Yes, you can do it!! :)

Caron said...

We could use some of your rain. We keep hoping monsoon will start soon even though the humidity will make the heat even worse. Happy Fourth of July to you and yours. :)

Blog Wobble said...

You're doing a great job - well done!

No package yet, gotta be here soon :D

upinthecosmos said...

You are kicking some serious but on the miles! I'm at about 306 so I need to pick things up here. I've been slacking for the last few months and now I'm letting a sprained ankle heal so I'm taking it easy but I'm working on rebuilding the walking and once I get there the running, I'll have to get back to working on that:-)

Baby Sister said...

You can do it, Julie. Just take it one day at a time. :)