Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday and it’s raining…

If you drive out on the flats they do not need any more rain, it’s still flooded out there but it’s slowly receding. It smells terrible out there though, between the musty, musky, dead worm/fish smells and all the humids this more rain is adding I feel terrible for them. It’s just up across the highway from me so I see it every time I go the back way to town. I stopped and saw a couple families this past Sunday. One is just getting back into their home and I know about the devastation of losing so much to water and mold and one family can’t get back in yet, not even sure they will ever get back in. Told them both if they need me I’ll be there to help. However, our gardens are in great need of rain and as long as it’s just a soft, couple hour rain I think everyone will be happy (it’ll help wash some of the muck away where the waters are leaving). My garden is doing awesome. We’ve been eating radishes and snap peas and I’ve been thinking about picking some fresh green tomatoes and making some bread. I think I’ll wait until next week because this week it’s in the 90’s and hotter and really don’t want the a/c to work harder then it already is.

I got great new yesterday, the daycare family that was leaving me next week is now staying until school starts. It will be part time starting next month but part time is better then no time and I don’t have to feel so sad I’m losing my littlest one. Another great news, my littlest one will also be here off and on during the school year because her mama is going to go back to school and she’s sure she’ll need a couple days a week to study and do without worrying about Joss. So I will still get to be doing some daycare and hopefully bus driving. I have a full day in-service the 20th of August so will know what life brings for the school year then….I hope.

So that’s that. Nothing much but blogging is better then eating and since one of my families are late today we are holding breakfast until they get here but my stomach is telling me to eat. Well I’m ignoring it for now, writing you all and then it’ll be time for some oatmeal and fruit. Tracking yesterday reminded me why my ring was a bit tighter and why I’m sure that scale isn’t moving to fast to where I am hoping to see it the first week of school. So tracking will continue, the exercise must continue and the scale may head downwards, at least a little bit more.

Take care my friends and have an awesome day. Don’t forget if you’d like to join us for “take your pants for a walk day” to sign up. So far we have 11 wonderful, terrific, getting healthy people to join us, wouldn’t you like to too?

Web walking-blue-pants_300


P.S. I hear there just might be a prize or two, a name just picked by a wee one, for anyone that completes this day.


Rochelle said...

Julie - so sorry to hear about the rain devastation in your area. I live close to the Delaware River and our town flood quite a bit too - so I know what you mean by "that smell"...hopefully the water will dry up and some good breezes will blow and things will get better.
I'm still trying to figure out how to get your picture for the virtual 5K challenge cut and pasted into my blog...I'm so not technically savvy!
Good luck this week with tracking and getting in the exercise! I know you can do it!

Debsdailylife said...

Isnt it amazing how God provides when we pray!! I NEEDED $148. extra this week. I prayed and asked for a way, well, my surprise overtime at work came at the right time!! So rather than whine about the tiredness, today I am thankful for the extra money!!

Jill said...

So glad to hear things are going well for you :-) Enjoy the summer as it flies by so quickly!


Betty WSch. said...

Flooding can do so much damage! we have seen it here too this year. I'm so glad you were able to help your parents get "dried out".

I just wanted to tell you I did my 5 k yesterday! :)
It was actually 5.5 k and I did it in 55 minutes. My knee is bothering me lately, so I didn't go too fast, but I was happy with the result. I'll post about it on Sunday.