Sunday, July 22, 2012


First my challenges…

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So it’s

Week 8 - (begin July 22) - EMBRACE A FITNESS FEAR

I really don’t know what to tackle this week. I’m not a member at a gym, I haven’t had a minute to spare for anything extra other then my walking/jogging. I’m just not sure BUT…yep but…I will figure out something.

This week for Deanna's Try Something New challenge is just that this week, be adventuresome and try something new. I asked if it has to be healthy but really that’s a stupid question, of course it has to be healthy but I found a recipe in the Taste of Home magazine for chocolate dipped pretzels I want to try and I want to try roasted peppers. I remember Biz making them last summer (I think that was when), and they looked so awesome I’m going to look up how to grill peppers. She has tons of recipes she’s shared with the world and I’m just going to see what she has.

And for my Take your Pants for a Walk challenge, well I took my daddy’s pants (and him in them) and me for a 5 mile walk. A bit over the 5K but since I didn’t run we added the extra 2 miles to make it a good walk to add to the challenge. I took some pictures to share and we walked the 5 miles in a 87 minutes. So it wasn’t a slow walk and both of us were tired by time we were done but it was so great just spending time with daddy.


100_9944 100_9949


100_9956 100_9961

I want to take the pictures with the three birch trees and turn it into wallpaper or a mural. I love this one and would love to have it on my wall in the someday going to be my sewing room room.

So a bit of uncertainty this week but I’ll get my ducks in a row. Life here hasn’t been easy (I’ll explain in a bit) but it’s been great spending lots of time with mama and daddy. My calories are in check though I haven’t been faithful on myfitnesspal but the days I did make it I was around 1200 calories (some days a tad over, most days less). I can feel a change in my body this week. Back to the way it’s suppose to feel when a person is losing weight and gaining health. So all is moving along in the right direction.

This coming weekend I am going to meeting Michele and E.Jane for lunch and then Michele and I are going to take a bike ride to Minnehaha Falls. I hear it’s the most beautiful spot to go and I’ve never been there so on the 28th I will be meeting up with two blogging friends and seeing things I haven’t seen before. I’m excited. I am really in the need of getting away and since we haven’t been able to go camping or spend time just relaxing I am going to go and enjoy. Oh I can’t say I haven’t gone anywhere’s, it’s only been a month since I was in Wyoming visiting Mike but it’s time to go and do something again.

Now about my ducks….as you all know I have been working at mama and daddy’s just about every day off or evening possible and their basement is really coming along. Mama’s room is purple. 0721121021a She is in love with her room and I love watching her eye’s light up when she goes in there. 0720121507a  I wanted her to have a room to go when she needs to sew, craft, get away or just be and I think this is going to be the perfect room for her. 0719121419a  0720121113a

Work in process.


My helper..

The bathroom was done, daddy’s room is done, next was going to be the furnace room but yesterday the world decided things were just going to good, getting done to fast and decided to set us back at least a week if not more. Mama and daddy’s sewer blew up. I really mean that in the real sense. It all started out with the drains running really slow, water backing up in the laundry room. So it’s time to borrow a snake and see if we can find the clog….nope couldn’t get the snake to go where we needed it too. Okay lets try water, well the water took the path of least resistance which was back into the laundry room and now the sewing rooms closet. Okay lets try pushing air down the drains to see if we can move the clog. Wow, do you know what happens when you put 100lbs of air behind a clog that decides to move just past a elbow in the pipe that leads to the newly cleaned, plastered, painted bathroom ….. BOOM!!! Toilet paper, poop, water, greasy, dirt, anything that a sewer line holds blows out of the toilet at a speed so fast it blew the lid off and so hard it blew the drain cover in the shower off. And all that goo is in the now not newly finished bathroom. Lots more Mr. Clean, lots more water, paper towels, face mask, different clothes and so much more and the bathroom is cleaned but the wall near the pot needs help. The sheet rock in the laundry room, I cut off the wall to clean between the studs. We rolled up the hoses, put the tools away, cleaned up everything and called the plumber and went out for supper. We could cry, we could scream, we could do lots of things but the only way to deal with it all is to…..well just deal with it. I told mama to bring her laundry over tomorrow and we’ll get that done. Her and daddy can come and take a shower then too. I will fix them supper tomorrow night and bring it over when I get back to work putting their home back together, again. The plumber is coming out on Wednesday and I hope do whatever they need to do to make everything work right. I know all of this problem is from all the flooding and the fact the house is almost 50 years old so we’ll work on it and get it livable and move forward.

So while doing this, I’m also doing that and working 50 hours a week day caring. I am trying to keep my garden alive so worked in that tonight in the 95* heat picking peas and radishes and watering for over an hour. Then we decided to go visit our best friends until dark. It’s always so nice to just take the golf cart 2 miles and visit for a while. The lawn needs mowing again, it’s been needing it every 5 days or so and it’s a 4 hour job. This week is also our Boy Scouts garage sale. I’m going to volunteer on Thursday to help set up and then the rest can sell it all and donate the rest. I’m going out for dinner with a dear friend too on Tuesday. Hummmm, see why I need Saturday, a day to run away. Not from my life, just to get a rest from it a little bit.

I hope you all have a blessed week. Really life could be horrible worse here so really there’s no complaining, just work that needs to be done and will get done. One day at a time.

Take care my friend.







Michele said...

Good Morning, Julie!

My hubby always says attitude is everything. Your attitude is upbeat and real. You are making lemonade out of life's lemons.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Kim said...

I still can't believe it, sounds like a movie...what was that one?..."money pit" but that movie was FUNNY, this...not so much! Poor you guys!

Jo said...

Julie. Again I realize why I admire you so much. You are a wonderful daughter/friend/wife/mother/volunteer. Have a great week!

Angela Pea said...

Oh lordy - I'm sure at the moment of the 'explosion' the situation was not the LEAST bit funny, but just think how absolutely hilarious this story is going to be in the retelling for years to come!!

You do have a lot going on, Julie. You handle it all with such grace - I'm delighted and proud to know you.

upinthecosmos said...

Minnehaha Falls is gorgeous, I've visited it a few times because I've done some 5Ks there. I keep meaning to go and explore it more so I can take in all it has to offer rather than just seeing the outter beauty. Enjoy it!!

Ryan.Perry said...

Keep up the hard work! One thing I’ve found to be extremely helpful and useful as a supplement to my current diet/exercise plan is Fullbar ( Not only do their products help you lose weight, they also help you maintain your weight loss.

Betty WSch. said...

You are such a strong woman Julie! And such a good daughter. God will bless you for that. Your work at your parents house looks great and I'm sure they are very thankful for your help.

Rochelle said...

That bathroom ordeal sounds like it could try a saint's patience - but like Michele said, you have a great attitude about it all. Your parents are blessed to have such a caring daughter - that sounds like work that would be difficult for them to handle.
Good for you!!!
Have a great week - hope you enjoy meeting the blogging girls!

Mir Writes said...

Thanks for the email update, Lady.

As always, I'm impressed and cheered by your industriousness, optimism, energy, ability, and wonderful personality. I'm sorry things are so piled up, but you handle it with such grace. Makes me ashamed of my own lack of gumption.

Be well, God bless, you and mama and daddy and all...Hope your handsome boy is recovering well...

Mir Writes said...

Oh, that was me, Princess Dieter. :D

Baby Sister said...

Oh dang. :( When it rains, it pours that is for sure. I'm sorry, Julie!!