Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grilled fruit and greek yogurt…

Well since we haven’t done the grilled fruit yet I’m going to tell you about yucky greek yogurt. Well that’s what I thought about it when we first tried it. Now it’s not the kind that’s flavored or anything, it’s just this white gross stuff in a container. I have made more things with that greek stuff then ever before. I have added it to jello and made a really good whipped jello dessert. I have added it to dried ranch dressing instead of sour cream and it’s not bad either. I even added it today to a hot dish I made with peppers, onions, carrots, potatoes, hamburger (don’t worry Rochelle, I’m not eating it) and cream of mushroom/roasted garlic soup. The kids are loving this stuff and haven’t a clue it’s good for them. I’m sorta more picky, I don’t eat jello however I did try it. I’m not a dipper for veggies, I really just like veggies alone, but I did try it with the carrots and it tastes just about as good as the stuff in the squeeze bottle and I did try the hot dish before I added the burger and baked it and that was awesome too. So getting a case of those little greek yogurts was an excellent addition to our menu. There are two of those little containers left. Wonder what I’ll be adding them too?

Recipe Challenge!!!!

Now for the grilled fruit. We had apples, melon and banana’s left from all that fruit I picked up on Sunday so figured I had better make the grilled stuff this afternoon. So here’s what we did, what the kids did and how it all turned out.

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100_9923  100_9925

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And the vote is……..MOST AWESOME!!! The banana,cantaloupe and apples all were excellent. Each fruit got two votes as to their favorite. Next week, pinapple and strawberries and …. well I’m not sure but Deanna, you just created 6 new grilled fruit nuts.

The recipe was super simple, I didn’t do anything except for cut up the fruit, we stabbed it with those wooden sticks, grilled it with the lid shut for about 3 minutes on each side and then we rolled them in brown sugar and cinnamon, let them sit and cool for about 4 minutes (we couldn’t wait any longer) and eat.  

Okay Deanna, what’s next? Something else awesome? Something else I would of never tried but because you and your best friend thought this was good we all got to find out this is grand? Okay, I’m ready!!



deanna said...

I am SO happy the grilled fruit turned out awesome for you too. It will be a summer fad for sure. Tomorrow I will post the next challenge. I am thinking fiber. :o

Angela Pea said...

Oh Yeah!!! I substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream at every opportunity! No fat, more protein and lots of calcium. Can't beat that with a stick.

yeah for the grilled fruit! The kids certainly look like they enjoyed it.

S said...

That sounds and looks great! Glad you tried the challenge - you've both inspired me the next time I'm invited to a BBQ to take some fruit skewers.

Debsdailylife said...

YUM!!! Im going to try mine tomorrow!!!

PlumPetals said...

I'm so impressed with all the positive reviews for grilled fruit ... I haven't convinced myself to try it yet though, but seeing how your family enjoyed it so much ... might change my mind :)

Michele said...

I adore Greek yogurt, but NEVER by itself. I mix it with fresh or frozen fruit and maybe a half tsp on honey. Lovely. REally.

Shannon said...

It took some getting used to-that greek yogurt-but I did and like it now!