Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My poor knees….


3 nights plastering, priming and painting have killed my legs and my knees. I hurt from head to toe and am so tired but the good news mama and daddy’s downstairs bathroom is done. Well, some day, I will put on some new baseboard up but for now I want it left open to just keep the air flowing. So that means daddy’s gun room is done and now the bathroom so what’s left is the craft/sewing room…the biggest and was was the wettest room. Really the laundry/tool room is done but all that had to be done there was get rid of the water and the same for the furnace room. The craft room is drying nicely and I am hoping to start filling the bad spots in the wall board this weekend. Because we removed the baseboard when it was wet the wall board has some dents and places that need repairing and also where we need to replace a couple bad spots. Then will come the Kliz sealer and the pretty part, mama wants lavender walls. What perfect time to change the color when the walls and room are empty.

So all in all we/they are very lucky and happy. For others they will be battling this for so long, we have another month or so and life will be getting back to normal.

Just wanted to share.

Take care and have a blessed evening and a restful night sleep.


S said...

Oh, they did take a beating. Such a good attitude you and your family is taking to this - it's not easy.
The weather really is weird, damaging (and dangerous for some). We are having a really dry year. Last year we had one of the wettest, coldest summers I ever remember.
take care

Mirtika said...

Sorry about the knees. :( But man, I admire your skills. I'd have no idea where to even start doing a bathroom. You're pretty resourceful, aintcha? And amazing.
(Mir/Princess Dieter)

E. Jane said...

Oh your poor knees! But I bet the improvements and your accomplishment feel good. You will have to rest up and pamper yourself when done.

deanna said...

Our basement flooded earlier this year too. (not as bad as your parents), but I too thought it was the perfect time to paint rooms while everything was out of them.
I am still sporting the bruise I got from moving furniture around during that fun time. A pretty black toe nail. I think I will have that the rest of the summer :)

Rochelle said...

Ouch - those knees!!! You can see the hard work you did just by looking at your poor knees!
The projects sound like they are going well, though. And I love the idea of lavender walls. I used to have lavender in my bedroom as a girl.

Kyra said...

Ouch! That picture makes my knees hurt!

Angela Pea said...

Yeah!! Not for your knees, of course, but that it's coming along quickly and almost back to normal. Lavender walls well be GREAT!!

Mike Riley said...

I have knee pads. If you want I could send them to you. Miss you, I'll be home in 29 days.

Mike Riley said...

I have knee pads. If you want I could send them to you. Miss you, I'll be home in 29 days.

Baby Sister said...

Oh, I am sorry I am so behind. I'm glad you're making progress!! I absolutely approve of the wall color choice. :)