Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have done nothing with either of the challenges I am in. I haven’t done anything fearful or scary for my exercise and I haven’t tried a new recipe. I am so sorry ladies I just haven’t had a moment to do anything yet. I do have a few more days and am hoping to do something for both. I just wanted to be honest and tell you where I am.

But I have been busy, here’s part of my week in pictures:

 100_9936 0718121009a

Took the 3 littlest one to the park.                     Make peanut butter dark chocolate chip cookies

                                                                                   (from the awful peanut spread)

 0718121013a  0718121108a


                 Made birdfeeders from Kool-Aid containers.

0723121831a 0723121839a

Help Jim rebuild an old trailer we had into this beautiful, very useable licensed trailer.


Had a picnic and games at our neighbors cabin.

0722121253a 0722121254b

Worked at Jim’s store a couple of evenings.


Still working at my parents. Now trying to get things stored in containers that are easy to stack, take less space and manageable. The bathroom is taking shape again and soon we’ll get the freezer room cleaned out and some shelving put up. We need to find some shelving or something for my mama sewing/craft room but not right now. The sewer guy came today to take care of things, $180.00 later it works. YEAH and thank God but my goodness is that expensive.


Went to the creek to throw rocks and play in the water.


Work in the garden. And can you see what the wind did to my corn. UGH!!! It was getting over 6’ tall.


 0725121450a 0725120752a

One of my tomato plants up at the house. And we got more rain, a bit over an inch. The garden needed it and it has helped with the smell and goo from all the flooding so we welcomed it.

So it’s not boring here and I am trying to lose weight, get stronger and tone up and just be healthy but there are days I just do not have enough energy at the end of the day to do anything but have a glass of milk, eat a banana and go to bed. No complaints thought, I’d sure rather be busy and able to do then bored out of my mind or not able. Nope, no complaining here. Heading out the door shortly to head to mama to finish the bathroom, pack up the stuff they are donating to the boy scouts and get home to spend some time with Jim. Take care my friends and God Bless!!!


Betty WSch. said...

You really do look busy busy busy! I can't imagine having to take care of so many kids and still being able to focus on challenges.
Me? I've not been able to focus on my fitness fear either. Just NOT in the mood, plus my sister and her kids are living at my house now for three weeks before they go back to China. So I guess this week will probably be a bust... >)

Pam Lofton said...

Not to mention the fact that staying busy makes the time go by fast keeps your mind from wandering, eh? I'm in a HUGE rut right now. Hoping to pull myself out soon. Been hitting the sugar. It was a sneak attack. Must stop now!

Caron said...

I have not been as busy as you since my kids were little. Hang in there, Julie, and keep us posted. :)

Rochelle said...

I always think being busy is a good thing. It does make the time fly though! Glad things are shaping up at your parents' house...there is so much you have had to do this summer. I haven't done my fitness fear yet this week - I;m tackling it today or tomorrow. Have to look at the gym schedule. It's raining today so I am highly unmotivated.

Kyra said...

The wind took my corn out too! What the heck! I thought corn was stronger than that! :)

Baby Sister said...

That trailer looks awesome!!