Friday, June 29, 2012

Recipe for ….

My Current Challenges

One of the rules for this week was to post a recipe. So here’s mine…

Green Tomato Bread….Smells divine….

I decided not to rewrite this recipe. I love having it in my grandma’s handwriting so I took a picture of it for you. You can click on it, get it bigger and just print it out if you’d like. I did change it just a bit and the second picture shows my changes. I tried to make it a bit healthier.

Mid September 062

Mid September 075

My changes….whole wheat flour, olive oil, apples sauce, 1/2 the amount of sugar and no nuts.

Mid September 064 Mid September 071

I also have my own eggs and I loved that the egg was a double yoke.

Mid September 060 Mid September 066

Mid September 073

And the bread……….

Mid September 078

Can you smell it? I wish we had smell-o-blogs. I think you’d just have to bake some today.

So there you have it,

Take care and do have a blessed day.

P.S. We are also suppose to drink 100oz of water a day. Since I don’t drink pop, coffee, juice or just about anything else it’s easy for me. I do drink 10oz of milk a day between my cereal and glass but otherwise it’s all water. I fill up a gallon pitcher each morning and by the end of the day it’s empty. Easy to keep track of and so easy to drink. That is when I’m home, driving bus is another story…I still have to work on that one (can’t just stop and go pee any time).  Walking getting done, new exercise is on hold until I heal and then I’ll try those new stretches.


Debsdailylife said...

I have a recipe written in my husbands grandmas handwriting. I LOVE IT!!! I WISH I had gotten one from my grandmothers!!!

Baby Sister said...

I'm gonna be busy in the kitchen making all of these delicious recipes you're posting. :)

Sunshine's Heart said...

The bread sounds really good. I can understand you wanting to post it in your grandmothers handwriting. I don't have anything with my grandmothers handwriting on it. She cooked from sight more than recipes and she taught me how to cook that way. I can use recipes but I will always remember to make some things just by the way she measured with her eyes.

I'm glad to hear you doing so well. Hugs,