Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 3 ….. and ….

So I am tracking. I started a new myfitnesspal because I couldn’t remember my old one and decided this is a new time around so why not just start fresh. Okay, so far I have track every single thing I put in my mouth and you know what….no wonder I’m still fat. Now breakfast was awesome and then came a picnic outside with brats and turkey dogs on the grill with my parents and daycare wee ones. I ate 792 calories in one sitting….WOW!!! Guess that means a salad for supper tonight with maybe a touch of dressing but it sure won’t be anything awesome. My fault, I control what I eat and really I know better. As long as I still come in under my daily totals I’ll be fine but lunch better be planned better for me like breakfast and supper are.

The kids and I went for a 1.5 miles walk this morning. I explained to them what I was doing and if they’d help me along a bit to get back into the groove like last summer and they all understood and are helping me exercise. This afternoon, once Joss is down, we are going to play with the Wii for a bit. It adds up, not much but every little bit counts. Then tonight once everyone is gone I’ll take a long walk/jog and get my time in.

I do need to get some fish flopping exercise in too. I think once the kids are gone and Jim is out in his garage doing what he does best I’ll see what Jillian has to say I should do for the 30 day shred. UGH!!! I’m not looking forward to it but I do know once I start it’s not terrible.


And Rachel got to sew again today. She made herself a beach bag. She got to pick a couple different top stitches and it’s reversible and has a little pocket in the inside for her cell phone. She really follows directions really well and it’s fine to have someone that wants to learn to sew. When I was teaching Mike he only learned because mama made him and if he wanted any mending down it had to be done by him. So he learned with some pushing and Rachel is learning with some love of sewing. It’s cool! Here’s her new bag….

100_9479 100_9483

100_9484 100_9485

So how are you doing today? Is tracking as hard for you as it is for me? Are there any tips of the trade that will make it easier or just time to relearn it all and the most famous words….


Hope you’re all have a great day. It’s sunny and 80* here and just plain beautiful. Oh how I love summer and the warmth. Take care my friends and have a blessed evening!


deanna said...

I was SO sick of tracking. Now I am on this high protein low carb diet. So I now count carbs. Maybe because it is something different it is kind of fun. I only count carbs. simple.

Would Rachel be interested in sewing some bags to sell? I could use a couple of larger bags for grocery shopping. ????

Betty WSch. said...

You'll have to add me on MFP. I'm Betty_W if look for me.
"Just do it" is the only thing that I can say....there's no way around it and some days it's easier, some days I totally forget until the evening. But it helps! And now that I'm back in the challenge I'm being more diligent to track everything I eat. YOu'll get the hang of it soon!

E. Jane said...

Tracking is difficult for me for some unknown reason. I seem to do better when I just count food groups.

tomadou (とまどう) said...

I started out tracking online, but I kept failing and missing days. I ended up finding that writing it in a notebook has worked for me. I only write on one-side, and leave the other blank for food calculations, and what-not...

Looks like a fun bag! I'd love to learn how to sew too. Something on my "to do" list.

Baby Sister said...

Good job for tracking. I've tried to keep track of what I eat, but I'm never dedicated or patient enough. I think it's awesome that you have your girls sew. That's an awesome trait to have.

Maren said...

Tracking is hard sometimes, and so easy sometimes. I guess it boils down to motivation? I know it's what I need to do to keep losing weight, so I have to suck it up I think!

Lovely bag!

Caron said...

Tracking is very easy for me. Getting in exercise is hard for me because I procrastinate.

Blog Wobble said...

Yep, my eyes were opened by tracking this week too. I understand why the scale hasn't moved in a while in my neck of the woods!

Thanks for your support this week and keeping my daughter in your thoughts, it's been a trying time and your kind words have helped me out. So thanks Julie :)

Rochelle said...

I'm tracking and have some bad stuff on my log today too. BUT, I am still logging it! I was like you today - good breakfast, bad lunch and now trying to make dinner be only 200 cals because that is really all I have left for the day. Ugh. Note to self: better choices tomorrow!

PlumPetals said...

Very cool bag!! I'm struggling with tracking at the moment since I'm traveling ... though who am I kidding. I find it tough to track regardless of where I am!