Friday, June 1, 2012

Just sharing…

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12” of rain in one week makes for some very wet farm land, high creeks and rivers and culverts under water. The water is slowly going down and just maybe, if we get no more rain, we can all get our gardens planted before fall comes and it starts to freeze (however, just Thursday we had frost warnings still).

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We went fishing from shore last Sunday. Really we didn’t expect to catch anything because of all the rains but it was relaxing and enjoyable to just be out. This little guy spent the whole time we were there just watching us and chattering at us.



On Monday Jim and I took a ride to the cities. We went to have breakfast at Cabala's and then picked up $5.00 in fishing lures. On the way home we took a drive and stop by to visit my grandpa. You know, I thought I’d say hi, how you doing? And snap a picture or two and be fine. It didn’t work that way, I cried and cried and didn’t realize just how much I missed him. I sat and told him all about Mike, all about me driving bus, how grandma is and what’s new and I knew in my heart he was listening and crying with me. Oh grandpa, I do miss you so. Grandpa was laid to rest with his mama and daddy so I told them just how great my grandpa was and thank you for having such a great child turn into the worlds greatest grandpa.

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Yesterday was my last day as a full time substitute. Well not positive about that yet but pretty sure. I had a talk with my boss and told him that I have got to have more then the occasional activity run because I can’t make a living with one daycare child and those short runs. I told him that if he can’t at least give me a small idea what next fall brings I will have to quit both jobs and find something that will make a living and enough to put a boy through college. He told me to not panic, to just relax, that he will make sure that when school starts I will have something so that he doesn’t lose me as a driver. He said that I gave him the lest amount of grief, the least amount of paperwork and I fix my own bus when I can and that he needs me so please don’t go anywhere’s. So that means I am leaving it up to him to keep me in work.

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Today is the first day of summer vacations for my little ones. So Joss and I took Aiden and Abby down to the creek to throw rocks in and just play around a bit. Then we walked over to see great grandma and the baby goats (which by the way are no longer little babies but big babies that want just as much attention but are pushier).


And last but not least, my daddy and my sisters cat. Cindy can’t have her cat where she’s living right now so the cat stays in the camper to sleep and then out and about with my daddy the rest of the time.

Of course I have more pictures, it’s what I do, I take lots and lots of pictures. I don’t seem to journal other then here on my blog but I journal with pictures and I love to share with you. So that means soon will be another post with more pictures.

I need to finish my next pouch and tote and then put the sewing machine away for a little bit. I am pretty sure I will be busy with my wee ones most of the summer. Only 19 days until I leave to see Mike. YEAH!!! It’s coming. I don’t want things to rush but I do so want to see Mike. Oh he just called, he’s on break, got a 90% on his test. I can hear the pride in his voice. He’s carrying a strong B+, I am so proud of him!!

Taking my mama and daddy to the cities tomorrow to visit with my mama’s sister and BIL and go and visit the Como Conservatory and Zoo. They are also having a city wide garage sale when my mama sister lives so maybe we’ll get out and about to see what’s there and then the icing to the day, dinner at Old Country Buffet.

Okay, time to get Joss up from nap, clean up the livingroom and head back outside. Take care my friends and have an awesome and blessed weekend!!!

P.S. The first day of school out, the first day of a challenge for me to get fit before school starts again. June 1st-Sept 3rd. More to come on this when I figure it out. Right now it’s 12,000 steps a day and 6,000 steps of aerobic steps. 1 mile straight of trotting/jogging. My pedometer tells me this which I think is wonderful, I don’t have to track because of it. 1500 calories a day and I have got to start logging them again. Also I am not going to focus on the scale, I will weigh tomorrow am (forgot this morning) and then put the scale away until September 3rd. I will go by how my too tight clothes are fitting. Wish me luck because I’m going to need it to get this ball rolling again.


Jo said...

I love the pics. Your little ones are precious. I'm glad you're up to a big challenge, girl! Sounds very challenging. ;-)

Michele said...

The reflections in the water are just beautiful. All of this rain has been wonderful for all the lakes, trees and flowers. I bet you will get your garden in over the next few days. Looks like clear skies for a while now across MN!

Great to read that hubby and you are doing some fun things. That is really awesome. Looks overall that things are going better for you. You take care and enjoy a great weekend!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great photos, Julie. I'm happy with you sharing so much of your life with us. This past weekend we were all remembering those we have lost and it was a bitter sweet time. I think remembering keeps us grounded and it is necessary to carry on the things we have been taught by the people we have lost.

I'm so glad you will be getting to see Mike in a few weeks. I know how excited both of you will be. I hope you get some good quality time to catch up on everything. I know when Bethany lived in another state, I lived for the times when we could see each other. I was never more glad for anything in my life than when they moved back here.

Hang in there, Julie and I hope the job with the bus continues to work out. Hugs.

Betty WSch. said...

Great pics Julie! Love seeing the weather is so good now. Yeah for Mike being such a good student! He's making you proud.
I hope that job works out for you! I can understand going to work for your kids education. I did it too. Now I'm going to work to pay for weddings...haha

Casey said...

Hey Julie! Beautiful pics! I love water! :)
You sound like you're doing good! Mike will be home before you know it, and he's making his mama proud!
Sorry I haven't been around for a while, lots going on here!
Have a great weekend!

Debsdailylife said...

LOVE water pictures!! So calming!! and peaceful!! Could get lost in them!!!

Kim said...

Whoa that's a lot of info lol! You're doing great and I'm sure mike is just as excited to c u! I agree with the scale...just b fit! Good job with everything!!!!

Jill said...

These pictures are gorgeous!! I love the ones of the clouds reflecting in the pond!
Hope everything works out with your jobs, will keep you in my prayers.
Enjoy your summer!!


Pam Lofton said...

Just got a bit caught up on your blog. All the pictures are fantastic! Mike sure is in a place of beauty! I would probably never see that part of the country if you didn't take and share your pix! Glad you get to go see Mike soon! Sounds like the bus driving job is going to be around for some time to come! Happy graduation to Rachel...did you join a challenge or is this just something you're doing on your own?

Baby Sister said...

I always love your pictures. Looks like you're getting lots of rain. I'm jealous!! Yay for seeing Mike soon. :) He sounds like he's doing well. Hope you're having a good weekend!!