Monday, June 11, 2012

Tooting my own horn and this is why I do daycare….

First I’ve got to share this…

 100_9517 100_9518

My total steps as of almost 6:00 tonight which included over 11,000 steps jogging/trotting. You know what that works out to? 9.5 total miles for the day and 5.9 of them jogging (98 minutes of jogging). I am proud of me. I can do this again, I know it! In fact I’m going to shoot for 20,000 steps tomorrow. I won’t promise the jogging because my leg really is throbbing tonight and I will not push it like I did last October and hurt until March/April. Nope, but I will walk.


Now why I do daycare….


I found this on my bed this afternoon. It made me cry. Mike use to leave me notes all the time and Rachel did today. I gave her the biggest hug and told her just how much I love her. She is my oldest daycare one, just over 12 years and so much mine that I think I’ll keep her forever if I can.

100_9519 100_9520

I found these in my computer tonight. More Rachel love notes.AWESOME!!! I love you so much Rachel!!


This is why Wilbur does daycare….:o)


Joss watching TV using Wilbur for a pillow and Wilbur taking a nap in love.

Okay, it’s to close to not eating time so if I’m going to eat something I had better get to it. I didn’t plan supper tonight, why? I don’t know and I think I only have a couple hundred calories left so maybe some fruit and yogurt. I have fresh raspberries and some raspberry yogurt.

Take care my friends and I hope you’re having a great day/evening. Blessings to you all!!!


JoNita said...

Great reasons to do a daycare! And great job on the number of steps! You can definately get to 20,000. Keep up the good job :)

Debsdailylife said...

YOU ROCK!!!!!! Thats a lot of steps!!!!!! Be careful with that leg!!! Love you girl!!

Caron said...

How sweet your kids are. I keep aiming for 10,000 steps but rarely make it. If you do 20,000 steps in one day, you'll be very tired. :)

Betty WSch. said...

You are really back on that horse, aren't you??!! That is awesome, how many steps you took. I would be so sore after such a workout!!
I love your pics of your daycare kids. You make me (almost) wish for kids again...haha

deanna said...

Supper job on the challenge! wow.

And the love notes and napping dog pic.s... well I am so glad you are doing day care too :)

Baby Sister said...

Good job, Julie!! I'm glad you're being sensible with your leg, that's really important. Rachel seems like a very sweet girl. :) That picture of Joss lying on your dog reminds me of when I was little and used to lay on my dog. Good memories. :)

Michele said...

Those pictures gave us a little window to you and the care you take of those kids. Rachel may be a fine young girl, but, Julie, so are you. A fine human being. Any one that places their kids in day care is looking for someone like you!

Great job logging the steps, but, take it easy with your leg, too.

upinthecosmos said...

Awesome work on the jogging & I just noticed where you are at in your miles for the year! You are zooming right along & should definitely make, if not exceed, that goal! Fabulous! Your daycare kids sound sweet:-)

PlumPetals said...

Those notes from Rachel are too cute!! What a lovely feeling!