Friday, June 8, 2012

So far so good….

Now lets see if I can hang on to this for a full weekend. I have tracked since Tuesday. Every single thing that has passed these lips. I have walked 69222 step in the past 4 days, that’s better then 17,000 steps a day (over 6 miles closer to 7 miles a day). I have jogged 4 miles, 1 a day, not the farthest or the greatest but my leg is handling it so yeah!!! My average calories are 1449 and that’s great since 1580 is what MFP says I should have. I have shoveled, gardened, shoveled (yep, I know this is twice and maybe even a third time cuz, well I have shoveled more pea rock then I ever want to do it again however there’s still about 4 yards left), hauled, cleaned and just have kept my butt moving.

Wish me luck, or just some smarts to keep doing what’s best for me and my health.

I’ll check in on Sunday and see how you all did for our first week in our summer challenges. I wish you all the very best. I’m still working on meeting you and cheering you on.

Take care my friends. Blessings!!!

And of course I have to share a picture….it’s an eye-spy…can you spy the baby chick? I am hoping these mama’s hatch another couple. They are sitting all together in one nest with at least 2 dozen eggs.



Rochelle said...

That's great that you are continuing to track! I'm doing it too - 11 days going now and it is getting easier.
You sound like you are rocking the exercise too - AWESOME! Can't wait to see everyone's results on Sunday.

Cee said...

Sounds like you are having an awesome week! I found the baby chick, so cute!

Betty WSch. said...

Wow! That is some serious MOVING you are have been doing this week. You deserve a big loss on the scale! But if not, you are definitely going to be strong and healthy.
All the best Julie!

deanna said...

You are crushing the 5 mile challenge! Way to go.

I petted my first chicken at my daughters new place the other day...they are so soft!

Debsdailylife said...

8 ) You rock!!!! So good to "read" your smile and 'hear' your enthusiasm!!!

PlumPetals said...

Those look like great numbers!