Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Sizzle Slim Down Challenge and 5 mile challenge, week one down, week two…here we come!


Week 1 is did and done and I’d say it was a success. I tracked, I walked and jogged. Weekends are hard from me but I took this weekend by the horns and did exactly what I was suppose to. In fact last night I was short about 2500 steps so at 9:00 I went for a walk with the dogs and Jim came too. YEAH!!  Now unto week two….

Week 2 - (begin June 10) - "SIX HOURS OF EXERCISE"

This is what our rule is for this week. Now I am going to continue with my 12,000 steps a day and 2,000 steps of jogging and add 30 minutes of fish flopping exercise for 4 days too. I’ll have more then the 6 hours of exercise required, hopefully!! Also need to keep tracking my food and exercise. I want to be like Betty and Pam, they have friended me on MFP and have been doing awesome and I want to be that way too.

So here we come week two. All of us are ready to do our best and ask the Lord to help with the rest.

Blessings my friends.


Of course I have to share a picture. Our painted turtles are laying their eggs. In about 50 days we’ll be seeing tons and tons of baby turtles. I’ll share then when we see them.



Caron said...

Great first week! I look forward to seeing baby turtles. :)

Pam Lofton said...

Great job! But you know what I liked best? The fact that Jim went with you on a walk! That is awesome!

Rochelle said...

Whooohoooo - you are off to an excellent start! Glad to hear you had such a good week!
Is Jim your hubby? It's always nice to have support when you are aiming to reach your goals - sounds like you have some good support at home! Nice!
Best of luck for a great week ahead!

Betty WSch. said...

Good job Julie! You are doing good on MFP too.
I wish I could get my hubby to join me on my walks. But he thinks walking is work...LOL
Have a good week!

Cee said...

You are doing and awesome and you have great goals! Can't wait to see the baby turtles!

deanna said...

What a great 1st week and a great 2nd week all planned. YOU will Rock.

50 days till baby turtles... wow how exciting. I bet all your kido's are excited too. :)

Nanette said...

Julie, you are so great! I'm sorry I've been kinda crap about getting my comments to you. I have been reading though, you get delivered straight to my email. :)

What an excellent first week. I hope that you continue to find success this next week. And I love the ticker at the top of the page is WAY past half way. You are going to reach your goal so soon!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

Congratulations on a successful week 1 !! hope week 2 is also a super success :) and i loved the shot!! take care....

Michele said...

Great first week, Julie!!! Tracking has been the key in my success. You are certainly getting the exercise, too.

I saw my first turtle laying eggs by the side of the road. Very cool. But those little ones will have to move off to safety quick. Hope ht make it. I will check in on them, too.

Have a great week two!

Baby Sister said...

I hope your week 2 is going well. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun and success. :)

PlumPetals said...

It looks like you're falling into a good groove. Good luck with week 2! :)